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Disenchant should skip true Mythics

I am one of the unlucky ones. I got 5X of a single true mythic before I even had 5 unique true mythics. Now with crafting I want disenchant my extra cards for the souls but with the new Soulforge I am hoping that I can get more for a true mythic than 150 souls. If I hit “disenchant all” i lose my extra true mythic. In another thread someone suggested a “mythic soul” which could be used in the soul forge.

I really do not want to disenchant each card individually to get my souls from all of my extra cards. Any hope in putting this in place?




Yet another reason why I don’t disenchant all.

Though, even if this was added, I still wouldn’t. Need to keep the collection going. :smiley:

It is not the size of your stack of cards it is how you use them…

Only 4 of them can be in a team, then what is the point to stack up so much cards?

Can you explain what you mean by “true” mythic?

True mythic is the troop that’s base rarity is mythic.

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Probably hoping for a future change where that base mythic is worth more then 150 souls.

Or in the event that an ascension rarity above Mythic is ever added - improbable but ya never know!

That’s why I don’t disenchant any of my troops at all.