Disenchant Button Placement

I may be new to the forum but I’ve been playing GOW on PS4 for a few months (or for as long as the PS4 version has been out). I played it on mobile for a while, but one of the things I hated about the mobile version had been how clunky ‘Disenchant’ was. I think hiding it behind ‘Crafting’ and disallowing the player from being able to ‘disenchant all extras’ (as was the case in the previous version) is both counterintuitive and illogical. Is there a specific reason why we shouldn’t be able to press the triangle button, press disenchant, and just ‘Disenchant all extras’? Otherwise, disenchantment is just an absolutely tedious process that’s not worth going through.

Disenchanting was made more difficult to cut back on support tickets for accidental disenchanting, as well as to encourage Ascension, which makes troops stronger by sacrificing the extra troops.


Does disenchant all when you could have ascended all instead.