Disembodied a creature

Yesterday i try it firs time, just because i have extra. Suddenly all my unit banshe were disembodied. I would like to return it back. After typing message to Support & asking to make load my profile 1 day ago or some thing else just to return banshe, but they didn’t help me. I play this game already long time. But after such lost of unit which belong to my favorite team , i completely delete the game. So many time for upgrading was just spoiled. I was disappointed - what for you create this option “disembodied” at all ??? And why you didn’t lock quantity? Or create some warning before? It looks like really bad job of development & support teams in this game. If you like to keep players i advise you to improve your game & relation to peoples.

Accidently disenchanting down to zero copies of a troop should probably not be allowed without a warning message, but it’s always been possible to do. The good news is that this is only a rare troop and you will probably get it back from gold keys soon. When you find it again, you will still have all the levels and traits that you bought for it before disenchanting it.

Also, you can submit a support ticket and ask the devs to return your single copy of the banshee troop. Support tickets can be entered here:


You should probably use the “Account Issue” or “Missing Rewards” issue type. None of the others seem to fit your particular situation. Be sure to describe your issue with words like, “I accidentally disenchanted Banshee down to zero copies. Please help me get her back.” Be aware it may take a few days to get a response about the support ticket. They are currently swamped with requests.