Discourse forum update - thoughts

TL;DR: venting

Note: i know GoW devs arent responsible for discourse but since forum is using this, and im using this forum then i have nowhere else to write about it then here :stuck_out_tongue:

Am i the only one displeased with the latest bigger update on the forum?

my issue is about the way emoteicons are organised

i miss the old version where tabs were on top and there was more icons fitting in the screen, and the fact they are all put in one scrollable display doesnt help at all :sweat_smile:

i also miss the evil :smiling_imp: being red and more โ€œevilโ€

allright, there im done venting, farewell the user friendly emoteicons interface :wave::disappointed_relieved:

welcome the new interface, brace yourself as ill put out a good fight :smiling_imp:


They also killed the visibility of :soon::tm:.

We need that for the crafting system of Soulforge Soonโ„ข.