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Dinner Time!

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/dinner-time/

What’s the time, Mister Wolf?

New Troop: Monster Muncher

Ever wondered what a Manticore tastes like?
Well, Ralph the Ogre did, and so he set out on a long journey from his home in the north towards the Leonis Empire.
On the way, Ralph stopped to sample a Gorgon, a Chupacabra, 2 or 3 Sand Sharks, a Sphinx, and a whole cave-full of Rock Worms. It could safely be said he’d definitely acquired a taste for monster-flesh at this point, as evidenced by the fact he decided to change his name from Ralph to the quite ostentatious, but ever-so-more-descriptive, Monster Muncher.

Finally, after months on the road, he arrived in the Leonis Empire, only to discover that Manticores are worshipped as creatures sacred to the God Orpheus, and as such are confined to Orpheus’ Temple Gardens, and tended to by the Devoted.

Once an Ogre makes up its mind, there isn’t going to be a lot of deviation from that plan though. Monster Muncher, the Ogre formerly known as Ralph, wanted to eat a Manticore, and he was going to do just that. So… He attempted to sneak into one of Orpheus’ Temples by smashing its door from the hinges in the middle of the day (rather superfluous, because the door wasn’t actually locked). He was quite surprised when the Humans in the temple saw through his stealthy approach, so he decided to play it cool and inquire about the potential acquisition of a Manticore in a traditional Ogreish fashion, by squashing the nearest 2 living things and yelling “MAAAAANTICOOOORE!”

The failure of the nearby creatures to understand him - in fact the sheer rudeness with which they turned and ran - made Monster Muncher sad. He was so sad that he squashed 3 more and went in search of the Manticores himself. Fortunately they weren’t too far away; after smashing just 3 or 4 walls he found a dozen of the creatures, all curled up fast asleep, pampered and well-fed. Monster Muncher berated himself… the Humans had obviously understood him after all, and to apologize for their rudeness had laid out this fine meal. He said thanks to Orpheus, and tucked in.

Troop Balance


  • Now gains 1 extra Magic at level 20
  • Spell now deals double damage vs Elves instead of Fey
  • Replaced Stone Brand trait with Big


  • Now gains 1 extra Magic at level 20
  • Spell now deals double damage vs Goblins instead of Monsters

Dragon Cruncher

  • Now gains 1 extra Magic at level 20
  • Spell now deals double damage vs Dragons instead of Elementals
Troop Refund The following troops are available for refund for the next week:
  • Elf-Eater
  • Gob-Chomper
  • Dragon Cruncher

Please note this Event is on the the XBox One, PS4, PC and Mobile versions of the game (yes that’s ALL of them!).

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Looks like a interesting troop.

Manticores are Impervious, when will the lies stop Sirrian?


These ones hadn’t been traited yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Skull traitstones again? Within weeks of each other? Not cool. Let’s start using more stones here please.

Well played

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Thanks for the changes to those slayers. It definitely makes them more effective as counters now.


@Ashasekayi I agree, Nice changes on the troops! Having split troop type damage/devour troops hurt them as a hard counter.


Gonna be fun to see who gonna devour who first :slight_smile:
Kraken or MM

Geez now I just have to call him Ralph.

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It’s everyone’s favourite mechanic, devour.

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Next up: Dwarf Digester? Beast Breakfast-er? Merfolk Masticator, perhaps?

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How about:

Predator Preyer
Low Mana Cost or Empowered
100% chance to Devour a troop that has any chance to Devour a troop with its spell

How’s that for “meta” (in the non-optimizing sense of the word)?


Some giant bird, that devours on 4 or 5 matches and it’s spell is “feed the kids” which regurgitates out the creature on your side to fight, that wouldn’t be OP at all.

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Or a troop with a trait called “Poison Pill” - kill any enemy troop that devours an ally troop. Ally troop also dies so it’s not too overpowered.


you’re not going to be a fan of the next few weeks then

This is going to be the Kraken counter, I guess.
Not sure how well he’ll play into a team yet tho.

This is a welcome card.

And every time I cast it I’m going to be screaming in my head “Aw hell Gnaw!”