Different problems with the ingame-chat

Platform, device version and operating system:
Occurs both on PC and Smartphone (Android and Apple)

Screenshot or image:
–> the reported bugs cannot proved through a screenshot

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Since the Ingame-Chat seems not to work properly (at least Channel 100), I think you should know of this issue.
The following problems occur now and then. You never know, if the chat is just quite at the moment or the chat is hanging:

  • Chat hangs für hours or minutes
  • Some people can’t be read, although neither you nor the persons have a block.
  • Tiped Messages just don’t appear.
  • Chat laggs for all.
  • Messages disappear or just appears after you left and re-entered the chat (this is especially within the guild-chat)

Sometimes it helps, if you leave and re-enter the chat. but you neither know, IF the chat hangs nor you get the messages back, that didn’t appear.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
The Bug happens now and then… that is part of the problem. I think that every day several people are having one or more of the problems.

Steps to make it happen again
This is difficult, since the Bugs happens (as mentioned before) now and then.


It happens almost every day to me. And according to many other people in the chat there are always some issues.

I´m Guild Master and I have lots of problems with the chat, too (channel 100 AND guild chat). My guild members can´t read my postings several times. Day by day I have to write my messages more than once, because they disappear in nirvana.

If I have a question, I´m not able to read the answers (perhaps after 5 restarts, if I´m lucky), but even that not every time. Please fix this urgently. We like the game, but we need to communicate within the guild. And not everyone likes discord. So please we don´t need more events, we need a working chat!!!

Tremendous problems with Xbox chat. You can type a message and be involved in a conversation with back-and-forth from others, then it freezes. Disconnect and reconnect, and the exchanges that you previously saw no longer appear. So, for historical purposes (Doom, anyone?), these newer “missing messages” issues are pretty daunting.

This is a known issue that was fixed in 1.0. If you install the partner app “Discord” your guild can appreciate reliable communication with new features like image sharing and voice chat. You can even use Discord separately from and while playing Gems of War, and make private chat rooms for the clique within your guild!

Maybe that the Chat was fixed in 1.0, but it seems, that the Bugs came back a year or more ago. As long as I know this issue is not that important for the developer, since so few player are complaining about it. So this is my reaction… many other players from the 100-channel are complaining today about the chat via the support.
This should show, how important the ingame-chat is for us.

And… in spite of the fact, that I like discord very much and am using it, it’s also important, that the ingame-chat works properly. Most of the German-speaking Recruitment is going through the ingame-chat. And many players are communicating via the Ingame-Chat, not via Discord. And why do you call it a “partner app”? It’s kind of work-around in my opinion.

So it would be my wish (for christmas? :wink: ) that the ingame-chat works on a reliable base.

He’s being sarcastic and snarky, which doesn’t translate well and can be hard for non-native people to catch. Discord is a workaround at best, of course.


e.g. the guild chat, directly after logging in into the game. This happens sporadically.

disconnect and reconnect reveals the full chat: (interesting things redded, sorry :D)


The post I made was bad because I went for a kind of sarcasm that exploits an inside joke. I shouldn’t have made it that way and this longer explanation is a much better way to phrase it.

Nothing about this bug report sounds “different” compared to the other 10-15 active bug reports about chat in the top 100 most recent threads. I can’t recall a period of time I’ve played since August 2017 where chat was considered stable and reliable. It’s clearly something both server-side and client-side because sometimes the issues affect everyone and other times the issues affect just some people.

Every now and then the devs say they’re working on it. I’m not super familiar with the timeframe of a fix, if there is any timeframe, because I’m so used to chat being non-functional I don’t use it and thus don’t pay a lot of attention to any supposed fix. I do feel like at least one version of the game has claimed to “fix” chat so far.

Because of that, I think the best response to “chat is broken” threads is to inform people that most of the players I know are using Discord. There is an unofficial-but-de-facto Discord chat for socialization, and guilds tend to have their own private servers. Discord has features that don’t exist in GoW chat and probably won’t ever exist in GoW chat.

It is only “a workaround”. But if you really want to use in-game chat, the best we know is you’re going to have to wait until 4.2 at the earliest. It feels like fixing chat would take as much effort as entire features, and I don’t know that the devs want to find out if the players will be excited to hear the only feature in some release is chat. They have been very quiet as to a version for a fix as of late. My opinion as another professional developer is we are quiet when we don’t know what to promise. We do not like breaking promises. Sometimes the best way to keep a a promise is not to make it.

While they’re figuring out when and what they can promise, there are lots of out-of-game options where lots of GoW players hang out. Discord is just the entryway.

Too long? Here’s a summary:

  • We know chat is broken in not just the ways you listed, but many ways you didn’t.
  • This affects everybody some of the time and some people all of the time.
  • No one knows when it will be fixed.
  • Many players aren’t waiting.

As I mentioned above, the latest comment (that I heared) from the developers to the chat-problem was kind of: It seems not to be that important, because we don’t get many complains about it…
So this is an attempt to show the importance of fixing the chat. Nothing more, surely nothing less.

Hey @MarcAnton thanks for making this bug report!

We certainly hear a lot about the chat issues and it’s definitely important especially to me personally as I spend a lot of time hanging out in the game chat too!

I’ve made a long report about the chat issues and we’re looking into it.

However there are many chat issues so it’s not a simple thing to fix, so this will take some time and I have no ETA for any fixes at this stage, but I wanted to let you know we’re aware and we’re not forgetting about it.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience in the mean time.

If we need any further information we’ll be sure to let everyone know.


Two more month are over…
still the same problems within the Chat…
sorry, but this is very annoying.

Are there at least any informations yet?

Hi Marc,

The team plans to update the in-game chat in a future update this year. This should resolve most of the issues. I can’t provide a specific time-frame at this stage or even a rough idea as to when it is :frowning: