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Differant Skull Ideas

We have normal white skulls that do your attack on hit and on damage on explosion. Doom white with a red 5 Skulls add 5 to however it is used plus an area explosion.

I was thinking of other different skulls that come out when situations are met.

Mega Skull: Black skull when matched it destroys the column and row from the skull you moved to match them. Black skull with red 5 for Mega Doom Skull that explodes the column and row instead.

You would get this after a set amount of 4 at a time matches and the mega Doom after a set amount of 5

Blood Skull: Red skull when matched you get 5 health for each skull matched back or 1 health when gotten by explosion or another. The health going to the first troop that needs it. Blood Doom skull red skull with black 5 you get 10 heath for each skull matched back or 5 if by another way. The heath going to the lowest damaged troop.

You would get this when some troop loses half their health. Doom gotten when someone dies.

Steel Skull: Gray skull, with a red 5 if doom. Exact match with blood skull except goes to armor and you get regular by losing half armor and Doom losing all.

Gold Skull: Gold skull gives 5 gold for each skull matched back if matched or 1 another way. Gold Doom Skull gold with red 5 where you get 10 gold for each skull matched or 5 another way.
Gold earned this way would surpass max.

You would get this when any special gnome appears. Doom if the gnome is treasure.

Soul Skull: Purple Skull or purple with red 5 if doom. Same as gold.

You would get regular when two troops (total between yours and enemy’s) have died. 4 for doom.