Die or Fight recruits

An amazing guild that climbing up. we’re looking for active players.
the guild ranked 35 in league and climbing. Bracket 3 / 4 in GW usually.

what we’re require:
Level 1,100 or above (better above 1,200).
Daily activities, and guild activities mandatory.
1.5 mil gold per week (better above 2mil).
700 trophies per week (better above 1,000).
because we’re also competitive in GW, we prefer players that own most useful troops + essential doomed weapons (fully tempering is better), with high team score (above 17k at least, better in 20k area) aiming for 50k points at GW but not must.

what do you earn with playing with us.
we don’t have family guild, you play with us on those level and not dropped below.
we’re very friendly, helping each other in all aspects in the game.
GM is awesome, no tolerance for cursing or rudeness, and also for leeches. only quality players in this guild.
we doing many LT per week (20-30) 1 myth per month approximately and many keys.
no pressure from GM if you meet the just minimum requirements.
completing every event together, finishing ToD in top 20 guild.
we have discord but it’s not mandatory still very useful.
we’re international guild speaking mainly English but only few are native speaking.

if it’s sound interesting to you, PM me.

Hi Pandagram. I was in the guild and got kicked out without any explination. Would it be possible to know why please?

Name in the game is Nameless Hero.

Thank you!

Hi Catalinn, I send you PM.

Not an amazing guild. Stay away from it. They will kick you out of the guild without any explanation even if you do all requirements, be active and join their discord chanel.