Did shadow-hunter's art get nerfed?

She seems less… bountiful. Just wondering.

“Pics or didn’t happen”

…not (completely) joking…

Updates to card art happen occasionally, but if you don’t play the card enough to have the art memorized you probably won’t notice the difference without a direct comparison.

Me, for example, if they changed Amira’s outfit one way or another I would probably notice…

Good idea, and, I was wrong, i guess. I always wondered why they were so big.

she got silicones

Oh, I always thought Shadow Hunter is a dude, didn’t see those before… This totally messes up my team builds…

Why is an animal even wearing clothing to begin with?

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These are pretty much half human and half cats, if I should take a bet it would be that she probably want to feel more like a human. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Queen beetrix is modest, for one.

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An age-old question, isn’t it? It probably has something to do with them being bipedal.