Did Pet Rescue Goblins change?

So I just did the Wednesday-pet-rescue and the Goblins I faced were definitely different from before.

Is this just me never noticing that the teams for the weekly event are different or were Goblins changed?

Because if this is a permanent change… I’m not sure what to think of it. The last battle was slightly easier due to no Nobend Brothers, but my gosh, the rest of the battles were made much harder. Fizzbang is in way too many of them now!

Goblins are, for me, by far the hardest of the pet rescue event teams. I basically don’t even have to try for the Merlantis troops, Stryx and Blighted Lands are okay, the Wildfolk rarely gets lucky… but Goblins tended to take one attempt from battle 1-7 (as Goblin King is the easiest Goblin to deal with, poor guy) and around 30 for battle 8 for me. Now it’s basically 3-4 attempts from battle 5 onwards for each battle. Which doesn’t change much for me, but for players who are midgame, it might make a lot of difference in how far they get against Goblins.




It’s a wierd minor bug for weekly 24-hour Pet Rescue this week.

Auraio is Green Buff Pet, so the captor should be from Pan’s Vale; the Wildfolk. Even the Pet Rescue background in game manu is showing Pan’s Vale. Yet somehow, Zeajin’s Goblin Brown Pet Rescue is chosen.

But I don’t think this will cause much problem, as Brown Pet Rescue is actually the easiest of all, due to 4x Gob Chopmer’s empowered devour, as UKresistance said above.

But still, mismatching Pet Rescue is kinda wierd thing to happened.

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Okay, then it’s just me being stubborn and using my usual PVP team against Goblins (yeah, I’m aware that using exploders against Goblins is not smart, but I am lazy… I don’t even know how many Gob Chompers I own or if I have them traited, oops).

Didn’t even think about that it should have been a different captor team, but it’s true, Goblins are usually for brown pets. Odd.

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If you have the troops go Gorg, Borealis, Infernus, Mercy (Lion banner) - and keep alternating Borealis/Infernus - you shouldn’t lose any matches to those goblins with this team :grinning::+1:
(get Borealis up asap)


Way I found was 4 Gob Chompers can be RNG and prone to the odd fubar with a bad board and no yellow or brown to match.


Gob C
Gob C
Gob C
Banner can be Kraken or Talon, or even a double green or brown or single brown/green or even double yellow.

Get Diviner’s 2nd trait and if board looks ok to start, try fill it. If not fire off a Gob C or two. If you get Diviner full, it’s an excellent source of refilling the Gob C’s and also giving them more either more magic or enchant (cleanse not really needed) so even if they miss a devour they sometimes hit for 70+ with a magic boost. Doesn’t matter where you put it, except first slot, Diviner works.

A couple of change ups and you can use anti goblin team on yellow and brown gw if they appear as an opponent.

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