Did not receive Silver Necropolis level 100 portrait

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After completing level 100 in the Delve event, I received a notification that I unlocked a new portrait that looked like this: image

But such a portrait does not appear in my list of portraits. I’ve closed and restarted the game, but it still doesn’t appear.


Same here , I reach level 100 and seen the reward in the results screen . Then went looking for it in my inventory , and found nothing . So i stopped playing in that event . :turtle: man

Same problem here on Console. It said new portrait and I looked for it but it wasn’t there.

HELP ME HELP ME, ive been robbed ! Someone call 911 ! HELP ME ! Thanks in advance .

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So even though it shows in-game that a new portrait is unlocked, it won’t be available until the next update with patch notes and all that jazz? Not even a hot fix server download?

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The Silver Necro portrait have not been tied to level 100 delve run, if I recollect well.

It have been included in the 15k points tier reward (was it tier 6 or 7?). You could reach that tier earlier or later after the level 100 delve run.

Maybe you finished level 100 run but didn’t finish the 15k points tier? If you didn’t, the portrait should be still greyed out and obtainable in event in the portrait list.

OP is talking about the Faction icon; the same icon that you unlock for completing other faction delve 100.

The reward tier items and shop items unlocked properly.

You know what ! They can keep it . A person invest time , effort and gem’s . For nothing . Ooh you’ll get your reward some day . Thats just wrong ! Like I said before , keep it.

Silver Necropolis doesn’t have a regular level 100 delve run portrait so far I know.

Just the 15k points event portrait, and the tier 7 event shop portrait.

Then you missed the whole point of the thread where everyone has unlocked it after completing level 100, but its invisible/not on the portrait list and Cyrup responding with her link to the help desk topic.

It showed up as a brief pop up in the upper right after beating Delve 100 as unlocking a portrait, just like other portraits.

Its like when Xathenos, Zuul’Goth, and a bunch of portraits were unlocked on day 1 but weren’t actually showing up unlocked until day 2? or was it day 3? … one of those.

i have the same bug now after 2 months lol