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Did anyone get an Orb?

I know that it’s an extremely low chance to get one from the Vault but do you know someone that knows someone that did get it?

This was my only attempt



I think the orbs primarily will come from the raid boss and invasion events.

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Orbs are for people who already don’t have anything to do with orbs. That’s why they drop from a game mode that is only divvied out to people who play hundreds of games, and presumably drop as the high-end rewards for endgame guilds with fully-maxed collections and troops.

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Whilst this comes across as obstructively cynical… I also fear it may be at least partly true…


I’m trying to be objective.

Endgame players want powerful, exciting new content. Ideally, this new content would cost a lot to participate. They have hoarded resources, so the normal bars of entry for maxing troops don’t bother them. If I’ve got 1,400 traitstones, I can max an entire kingdom of troops and not feel a sting. So for them, the solution might be something like “an entire game mode made up of unique, legendary/mythic troops that can’t be used outside of this mode and cost hundreds of traitstones and dozens of thousands of souls to level”. The idea is to either drain their resources or make them go farm orbs while you figure out what the heck else you’re going to add to make them chase. As-is, they aren’t going to grind out hundreds of games an hour to chase orbs because their savings already represent hundreds of orbs worth of value.

Meanwhile, someone in midgame needs a boost. You just added a ton of new stuff, and they can’t move any faster than they used to. Even rare orbs are welcome to them. But, presumably, midgame players aren’t grinding out hundreds of games per hour multiple hours per day, so this will be a small bump.

Subjectively, what we got:

  • A single new, expensive craftable troop that no endgame player is excited about.
  • New, very rare items from new, very rare drops that will enable a game mode that, rarely, will drop things of moderate interest to endgame players and “less than what I can farm in how long it took to get one” for midgame players.
  • A new game mode that starts in 4 days and won’t work for at least 7.
  • Dozens of new bugs in troops and weapons that have worked properly for months.
  • New ways for status effects to obscure troop HP and armor.
  • Broken promises about wins counting as losses.
  • Exciting new ways to spend $50 to get nothing.
  • New modes to make you feel bad you don’t belong to a guild with high, non-casual requirements.


Got one and never seen a gnome after that.
Such an exciting feature wasted…


You can convert that chaos orb to a random orb, if you can please share your find.


Orb of Wisdom.