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Diamonds need to be added to VIP levels

With the random aspect of getting diamonds every day per battle and the 50 gems to get only 20 and a $5.00 purchase to get 50 as an end game player, without spending money, it’s going to take forever to use the soulforge for anything useful.

Money packs alone it would take 80 days ($400) to craft a mythic… Seriously…

Do crafting packs give you VIP points?

I suggest this:

Give one diamond per VIP level per day. If you are VIP 3 you get 3 a day, if you are VIP 9, you get 9 a day. This is the only thing I can think of that will help me feel like my VIP level 8 isn’t a waste.


How many diamonds do you need? I haven’t really looked yet.

I get about 600 about every two weeks from guild tasks and event fullfillments (like killing Stryx this week - 120 dias just from finishing that; and 190 dias each week from the blue guild task, which I push alone to level 7).

If you are in an active guild which has a lot of active mid and high level players, then you can get up to 590 diamonds from your guild every week.

The OP is referring to the new crafting currency Diamonds, rather than Gems.

One diamond per level per day sounds low enough to not break the economy while also still being of interest. I hope the devs consider this!

So as an endgamer who has been openly waiting for crafting…
This needs to happen!! NOW!!!

AND I suggest that the 20 diamonds per dungeon be guaranteed not random!

Let’s do some math shall we:
60 diamonds per day
420 diamonds per week
1680 diamonds per month
5040 diamonds per season (3 months)

This gives a player the ability to craft a mythic every 3 months which was sort of then unofficial community consensus. But that is assuming winning every dungeon battle and getting every diamond. I have played and won every dungeon since the update and received diamonds maybe three times… maybe.

If the dev’s feel 60/day is too much then I suggest scaling back to 10/10/20 guaranteed from dungeons.

40/ day
280/ week
1120/ month
3360/ quarter

This would result in closer to a 4 month period per craftable Mythic.

I love so much about this update… I want to be able to use it. This seems like a really broken unusable forge at the moment.

Please share your thoughts…


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If you are at the point where you are targeting specific mythics through crafting, you are at the stage where you should be spending 50 gems a day on the offers. This is less than a day’s income if you are in an active guild and check for tribute regularly.

Edit: these offers are a guaranteed 24 diamonds per day if you are converting shards into diamonds.

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That is true… but at 50 gems a day that 350 gems a week. With the gem nerfs is that sustainable long term?

Probably… I will need to test it out…

It is surely sustainable for me. My guild typically completes the 10th red task but never the 11th or 12th. So we are missing out on, what, 150 gems each week from that? On the other hand, I don’t spend so many gems on sentinels, and I collect tribute regularly.

Edit: this means, of course, fewer gems to spend on keys (event or gem, or VIP if I qualified), which means buying packs of gems to supplement when supplies run out. Hmmmmmmm…

@Grundulum Thanks for chatting with me. I think I am still in that knee jerk phase.

I knew crafting would be the long game but with dungeon after dungeon NOT rewarding me diamonds it was beginning to feel like a designed Gem sink to force the daily diamond purchase and then with the gem nerfs…



Oh, I understand knee-jerk frustration. I just lost a GW battle for the first time in weeks (literally) because a Mab kept filling and firing, killing my Elemaugrim in spite of the latter’s Imperviousness. This happened in the final three battles, all of which also involved Justice. Salibu was correct, that the meta is shifting to be more console-like. But that’s getting off-topic.

Checking regularly for console is impossible unless you work from home or don’t work. So the gem nerf is absolutely unfair to console players especially.

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One other thing: I know I read somewhere that the devs considered making the 7th and 10th guild tasks give crafting materials – including shards, which are as good as diamonds. Not sure if that was in addition to the currently scheduled rewards or instead of, or if the plan will even happen.