Devs, when are we going to get a hotfix undoing the card redesign?

Im sure you all meant well with your redesign of the card art, but you messed up big time. It is much harder to see the relevant information. The prior design was fuctionaI, the new one isn’t. I won’t repeat all the criticisms, but you need to fix it immediately. Do the right thing and correct your mistakes.


They never work during weekends. Monday would be the earliest, you could expect. Wednesday sounds more realistic for a first provisorical patchwork (that will then become the new normal).


dream on. It’ll never happen. a full undo??? haha. That’s money lost. They won’t be able to justify that :slight_smile:

All they need to do now is read the other threads and make adjustments. The most concerning complaints are the ones coming from people that have real health issues, like color blind or sensory problems. Those should be tackled ASAP.

And increase the number stats - which are the most important thing for a card. Could not care how a card looks or if it animates if i struggle to see how much life left i have… sigh


(emphasis mine)

Dear devs: Don’t be Tropicana. Really, don’t be Tropicana.


Oh no, please do be Tropicana and pull the new design.

Just don’t wait until your player base is down by 20% because it’s unlikely those people will return.


When? The short answer…


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The money that was lost is ours, since they wasted what we spent on this and other horrible updates (epic trials). They really should ask the community before investing in rubbish - that would be a better indicator of what is a good idea and what is not than … well whoever’s making these decisions.


I’ve been losing battles at a stupidly high rate because everything is hard to read and I’m flying blind. 100% agree there.

Also just being middle aged is enough to make everything illegible, at least on the Switch Lite I play on. Really annoying.

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Working as intended.


You should know by now that the devs aren’t going to fix this or revert it. They spent to much time working on making the game look visually worse to undo it.

I really wish they would stop changing things that no one wants changed and actually spend their time fixing the numerous problems that plague the game now.

The devs are actively driving away the player base with each update.