Devs stop making bad Upgrades

I did vote for VoO and xanethos for that poll. Mostly because most “best” mythics are in some way broken or unbalanced. However, I feel most mythics are the best for specific situations. If I was up against a freeze team, VoO is my top pick. He is not my most used troop, but I can find matches to use him over infernus or uba.

As for the topic at hand, this is where the devs themselves fall flat in not understanding their game rather than being forced to make more sigil events and gem sinks from a shadowy overlord. They should honestly consider the forums as while we may disagree what’s too strong or weak, our arguments can show them how the community views it and how well the upgrades work.


And we post funny pictures very often.

Yes, this option would be ok if we had only positive/not gambling upgrades that are in line with what the weapons are supposed to do in the first place, and such upgrades just SOMETIMES won’t fit in certain strategies, like the generation of Storms as you pointed. In my perspective the first step is to remove those useless and gambling¹ effects in the affixes so we won’t even see them again in the future. This is a preventive design decision, something the devs should have adopted in the first place when brainstorming the Ingots and Upgrades system.

If they choose to put the “Turn on/off” option first, then they’ll take the reactive design decision, something they keep doing and creating problems when they try to fix a problem. Like Dragon’s Eye recent nerf for the delves turning it into a problem, for some, in PVP… And Webspinner’s “Triple Skull damage everytime”, that very few people are aware so far, when they decided to buff Arachnaean Weaver’s summon for the second time.

So the next weapons we get will also suffer from bad upgrades that’ll be treated as minor issues to be reviewed in the next years to come since we can turn those off to simply be “null upgrades”…

We have a saying over here that goes more or less as this: “Do it right, at once, or you’ll have to do it again.”

¹ A Storm is surely a gamble affix, but at least it provides better returns for the risks unlike creating/exploding² a few gems…
² Specially after the nerf on explosions…

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I don’t believe they’ll review the weapons, they missed the window of opportunity by several months. There’s just too many players now that have already upgraded weapons, some with ingots bought from the cash shop. Swapping out any upgrades is guaranteed to make enough of those players unhappy to postpone changes till Blighted Lands freezes over. Technically, they could reset all weapons and refund ingots. That would allow players to spend them on other weapons instead, which whoever is responsible for financials will view as huge net loss, so little chance there.

They’re already reviewing the weapons:

Wasn’t that the same they said a few months ago when players complained about the +magic upgrades on tomes? Blighted Lands, waiting to freeze over.


Great Idea. I would propose the list be kept simple. Just ones that should be changed if the list includes new perks created by players ,it can get off on a tangent really quickly.

That way they have a list of do “not use” perks. They can create new ones or substitute in existing ones as they see fit.