I left the #2 Guild to at Guild ranked 57… How do you feel this is either fair or balanced? You’ve screwed up PvP & hurt the players who have played & supported You & this game… How do you justify this as fair & balanced?

Do you mean how much easier it is in a lower level guild to make the leaderboard? Not sure what you are referring to, but they’ll do whatever it takes to reduce the number of legendary tasks and rewards being completed by the top guilds. Including throttling.

I’m a PC player, but this issue isn’t confined to how or where you play. I had a long rant written out about this and deleted it but still wanted to express my sympathy. The silence from the devs on this is deafening.

This appears to be GoW 2.0, where the reward for getting a built-up account is no longer being able to compete.

Simply put…
Having all your stats maxed should feel good.
Just like winning the lottery should feel good…🤷

I gotta chime in and give my 5 cents. The issue is more complex as it seems. Let’s take your example, vs the player on 100th rank and analyze the whole situation.

That player gets more pvp points/match than you, and maybe more gold/match as well. That part is indeed unfair, I agree.

But now comes the other side of the coin. For that player to get 2x points in same match ammount as you, he/she gotta br in a guild that barely finishes tier 9-10 of their statues, while you gotta be in a guild that finishes all statues+a good bunch of LTs.
Now, if you count the overall difference, the unfairness starts to fade away…

When counting ALL the gems/keys/diamonds/troops/stones that you get from tasks, and that that player doesn’t get, complaining about those 10 gems that he/she gets (via ranking) starts to be superflous…

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No, it doesn’t. This isn’t about how much resources you collect each week, this is about placing well on a competitive leaderboard, for whatever reason. Going by your logic, the game should also punish all guild members in a guild that pulled a mythic from legendary tasks, by drastically lowering their chance to pull a mythic from chests.

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And the game pretty much does that already, indirectly.

Pulling a mythic from LT does not remove it from the key pool. Thus the more mythics you pull ftom LTs, the smaller chance to pull a not owned mythic from keys, and the higher the chances for duplicates.

Like i said in the other thread, im not complaining about the reward, im
Complaining about the time ratio.

End gamer now need twice as the time to reach tier 1 and this is ridiculous

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Also everytime I get defense lost i get -7 points and when i win i get 31
So it’s only +24 lol


And minus 15 if you lose. :roll_eyes:

Yeah but it never happen :wink:


I side with Ricky and others; the leaderboards SHOULD be end gamers, not giving advantage to new players. It’s what we invested time and, yes, money to build. RPGs are you grind and build and invest to get more powerful to win, not be punished for leveling up, which is exactly what this game is doing. 3 years vet and I don’t P2W, I P2L.
But a larger issue going on is that the game forces you to level up with xp faster than troops can be leveled or earned, which forces one to join a high guild for faster rewards, at which they now get penalized. So I then deal with people level 1k who still don’t know to level kds to 10 and barely can compete in events because they don’t have the souls to level everything that week.
This is the only rpg game I ever played where you could lose every battle you play and still level up every day.