Devs please?

:sob:From 2019 to 2022 I was unable to play GOW because of no wifi (it was a dire situation). Now my wifi is off again, and even though it won’t be for that long, I still can’t play.

Why can’t you make GOW playable offline and just disable the online purchases, global chat, and whatever else is online. Think about it… I could still contribute to my guild, I could still participate in events… I could still enjoy Gems of War.
Being totally cut off means players could be kicked out of their guild, unable to collect and earn anything, and most importantly, they wouldn’t have the basic pleasure of playing the game.
Lots of games have offline capabilities.
My main game is on ps4 but I do have a rather new one on my phone which has its own wifi. :pleading_face:Please consider this… :sleepy:

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I use my smartphone hotspot, using my data to play Gems. Are you able to do that?

I don’t know if my phone has that kind of power or ability… (I’m inexperienced in stuff like that :face_holding_back_tears::saluting_face:) but I can try. Thank you.

In settings. Make sure to go to ps4 network settings and refresh to look for you phone. On
My it’s says my name and iPhone. You’ll have to type a password that shows in hotspot area. No idea what phone you use. Google it if you are struggling, I had to research it.

On second thought, I don’t believe that’s an option.

No, you couldn’t contribute to your guild, for those contributions to reach your guild you would have to be online. Same applies to other things, like events, without being online your Gems of War wouldn’t even know there’s an event. Think of it like your fridge, without somebody coming into your home and putting something in there it will stay empty.


Like @Fourdottwoone said, it’s not possible to play this game offline. If some offline version were created it would not have any guilds (and associated events), leaderboards, PvP, chat, etc. Also wouldn’t be able to receive updates to the game without a connection.

I’d suggest using your phones hotspot as recommended above or switching to play on your phone via mobile data.


Forgive me for being a total layman when it comes to game development and the processes that go into creating them, it’s just that it puzzles me how ps4 big games like Sims 4 and Hogwarts Legacy, for example have offline play enabled, and GOW can’t. (Sims is offline but without new patches available but you can still play).
I admit I have NO idea ‘how’ it would be accomplished, but I don’t see how–creatively–it’s impossible. I’ll just play my phone version and hope my guild on ps4 doesn’t kick me out.

Sure, you could strip all the online features off and theoretically make an offline version, although I don’t know anything about how the tech behind that would or would not work. But it would not have any guild features, since those are necessarily online activities. There’s no way to play offline and still have guild features.

I think the core mechanics of the game could probably be made offline? That’s how bigger games like the ones you mentioned do it - simply remove access to all the multiplayer features. But again, that would include Guilds, which are a pretty massive part of this game, imo.

Bigger games like Hogwarts Legacy also have a lot more core mechanics to play with that don’t require an internet connection, so it makes sense to enable offline play. In Gems of War, you’d be limited to Explore, Delves, Dungeon, etc… Couldn’t do PvP, find pet gnomes for your guild, do World Events, Tower of Doom, Guild Wars, Raid, Invasion, make any real money purchases, use chat, use cloud sync, etc. You’d lose a lot.

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I see what you mean. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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