Devs offer me choice of compensation to beta test 3.1 PC client

Option A: Immediate promotion to VIP 20.
Option B: 4x Mythic ascended of every troop released, present and future.

Can’t make up my mind which is the better deal.

Edit: Salty here. To clarify, this is a joke. As in, not real, as in, would never happen. Please continue with your regularly scheduled viewing.


Lol you got any idea how much you need to spend to get there? Sorry but it will never happen

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Assuming this is on the level, with the VIP promotion you do get a small surplus of resources which is nice along with bonuses to your gold, souls, and exp.

However with option b, you’ll have 0 need for any of that except for traitstone to apply the skills to all troops. In that regard, all the bonuses from VIP are otherwise irrelevant. If you’re already VIP 5 then just spend the gems to get the stones.

Either way, seems like a huge reward for beta testing something, to which I’d wonder how can anyone else get in on a deal like that. Generous would be an understatement.

I read the OP as Captain_Video’s guest appearance on Fantasy Island, not an actual offer from the devs.

I’m trying to figure out why this happened, and I’m coming up with nothing. I chuckled, won’t lie. But still… Why?


Gosh how did you get offered to beta test 3.1?

Let me know where the line forms (nice perks but I rather find bugs before honestly…I lost all of my GW today because of a bug.

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I don’t believe this is an ACTUAL offer from the devs, as of yet nothing has been mentioned about 3.1s beta (I’m guessing they’re still working on fixing stuff from 3.0.5’s release)

To confirm, this is absolutely 100% not real. In no world would we ever offer those perks, for one, and we have enough on our plates without even thinking about 3.1.

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No matter what - if you want some season testers on any beta or patch - I volunteer.

As a neglected console player can I test the promised cycle fix?

See, I had this idea that most GoW forum readers are intelligent, after all they do play the game :slight_smile: and they would instantly recognize the text of the OP was tongue-in-cheek. The screenshot above it, however, is real, an error box of some sort with NO TEXT and two buttons that I could click but didn’t do anything. My client was hung without yet logging in, as the background shows, and I have no more idea than you what it means. I thought I phrased the problem in a way that would get your attention!


I am still getting this odd blank box, both at login and while trying to collect tribute. It appears to be random, but it always locks up the client when it happens. Any ideas yet?

We all are beta-testing 3.1 :sunglasses: