Devs, enough is enough, Communicate!

Sirrian’s Tower? Nimhain’s Lair? The fanfic just writes itself…


Whats next, Salty’s cave? :yum:


Maybe I missed something before but… Is this the first time it’s been confirmed that we’ll be able to craft mythics? If so, that’s all the “sneak peek” I really need at this point!

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Bruh. Words.


Mmmmm… Crafting system…

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@Sirrian Dont worry about death “threats” in my experience real crazy people dont threaten to do things they just do them. :sunglasses:

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Pretend there is an Archer “Phrasing” gif here (I didn’t want to meme bomb the thread)


Op here, I really appreciate you realizing that although my post was made out of frustration, it was an attempt to make a game I love playing better. I also want to say thank you for the time you took to reply like you did.

@Saltypatra sorry I got a little rough with you about the title, again, I know it comes across as a bit harsh, but I wanted the devs to see it and understand the playerbase’ frustration.

And as for death threats, it’s sad that we live in a world where that doesn’t surprise me. I think most of us here fall into the “I shall write a strongly worded post” crew. The fact that there are people in this world that would even joke about killing someone over a game is a sad state of affairs.

But again, thank you for the game I love.

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@Sirrian, Lord knows how difficult your task is. Dealing with the public at a distance is even worse than dealing with the public face-to-face. After cooling down a bit, I know this is just a game to us but it is your livelihood and you deserve our support. Gems of War IS a really fun game, addictive as all get out, and would be really fun to help develop.

No one deserves the kind of personal abuse you engendered. We are all just flesh-and-blood human beings and subject to mistakes and miscalculations, and if I have insulted or abused you or your staff, I apologize.


I totally agree. Those people should definitely be locked up! Hell…I know people who’ve gotten prison sentences for less.


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@Sirrian @Saltypatra
I’ve just read Sirrian’s first reply to my partner and she and I were both horrified.
Everyone understands certain frustration with this game occasionally, whether they’ve paid into it or not. It’s very sad and an unfortunate circumstance of the modern ‘connected’ world we live in that you’ve been subjected to some frigging loonies banding insults and worse around. We both think that’s appalling.
Thanks to you and and your team for responding to this particular thread, (it must be hell being a game Dev at times) and putting your responses so eloquently.
Keep going guys, and keep squishing those bugs!
Nephilim and Rusty Sword (ps4 guild - Quimby)


Anyone make irl threats needs to be banned from the internet and life.

My only issue has been my same gripe all along. You had the masses of people on PS4/XBONE all telling you it was a horrible system to implement…and you literally ignored us all and went ahead with it. Now people have pitchforks and I am sitting thinking:
“why were thousands of people on the chat within game ignored”

All you had to do was go to chat anytime of any day and see it just full of people raging about the AI.

So while I say FU to the people making real life threats at you…I say WTH??? to ignoring all of us telling you the system was broken.

I could support said behavior warranting a lifelong ban from life… It is at the very least an interesting paradox…

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I just don’t get people who cannot express their feelings without threatening the well being of another human being.


Maybe someone can… i dont know… Slip some mythic Queen Mabs your way?

I think that goes both ways. Claiming that people who make death threats should be “banned from life” is hypocritical.



You have got to be kidding me.

I don’t have patience or tolerance for people who think taking another persons life is valid over a video game. When someone thinks like that, they are obviously insane, and therefore do not deserve to partake in this civilization.

Also, yeah, I am anti all this “lets study them” and “get them help”. I am 35 now, but when I was younger as Chris Rock would say “why cant they just be crazy”.

Crazy people are crazy and you cant reason with crazy.

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I think i saw that movie… :grin:

Surely you can see how someone may not have the patience for someone who thinks taking a person’s life for threatening (verbally) to take someone’s life is valid.

(Wow, that’s more convoluted than I intended…)

I am looking forward to fixes… I sure hope the Gem spawn fixes would be back to normal then being broken and missing every single time, but… Hopefully things will be fixed.