Dev's do you hear our complaints?

I get it new servers and cross platform abilities help on your end, But, the majority of PC players are pissed about the port. It wasnt broken, a few things would have been nice but this UI is unacceptable for PC players. Sorry to complain but I think after a day of using it I’m on my way out.

Thank you for all the hard work it was fun while it lasted


dont be sorry, so many people have complained about this im hoping once they fix the bugs/crashes that have been going on they will take everyones advice and make UI more pc friendly

Yeah maybe Gems of War want a more friendly ‘united’ (unity) way for consoles, smart phones and PC’s to work. I don’t know, but because of all these bugs they might have launched it to soon. I can’t play the game. And I believe Gems of War is a more traditional company where they have a top-down approach when it comes to decision making. Instead of down-up where you would first ask if there is a demand from players to change things (co-creation). But I could be wrong, these are just my personal thoughts. I do hope it will work out for us all, there has to be a win-win situation right :slight_smile:

I’d be quite surprised if they don’t. However, they are a small company, with limited man power, it’s not like this can be done just by snapping your fingers. If you have been following forum threads, there have been several official updates by now in regards to how they are progressing with fixing bugs and crashes. And I believe I’ve received at least one patch via Steam. Feels like a pretty amazing job to me so far.