Devs Announce PvP Isn't Broken - I Disagree

On a recent devstream it was said that PvP isn’t broken, and is considered successful because it is the most played mode.

Gems of War | 2020 Preview (5.0 Update, Arena + PVP + Medal Changes) - YouTube (Thanks to Keylime for this wrap-up video or I would have missed this.)

Are you kidding me? A good number of people set their defense to be self-sacrifice teams to help everyone get through PvP as quickly as possible. Another portion set their teams to stall as long as possible to hopefully farm people who are impatient.

It’s the most played mode because it has rewards attached to get to Tier 1 every week. A good number of players rush to 1 and quit PvP.

On the stream they also said they would try to make PvP more fun next year, so I understand it isn’t being ignored, but my point is that you cannot fix something if you are unaware it doesn’t work.

It’s doesn’t need to be more fun, it needs to be fun AT ALL.


Case in point: I don’t remember the last time this was the case for me. I usually hammer out the pvp rank1 wins (which takes me 30-45mins?) and ignore it for the rest of the week in favor of handing the overwhelming amount of weekly things I have to deal with, which is something I usually fail to do all of.

Also note: I said “things I have to deal with”. It definitely feels that way, which the game should be avoiding…


PVP is actually my favorite mode to play in the game still, for allowing me to test teams without restriction against meta defenses.

What I don’t like is that the payout for playing it has gotten so relatively bad that I find myself not having time to play it, sometimes for weeks at a time.

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Sacrifice defences are made to boost revenge battles by players who recognise that setting meta defs satisfies no one. Meta pvp defs are just annoying but boy are they popular. Then you have the issue where ET completion guilds have inflated stats and team scores which have further negative impact on the gold you can earn. Matchmaking is very bad and pvp is not a great option to boost classes now because the enemy def can be so extreme. Tier 1 then quit pvp for the week is also what I do. It’s just not worth the grief after that. Idiot defences that people CANNOT use in wars are too big a pain in the ass. New guardians have highlighted this perfectly…ragereaver plus 3 x ferocity for example. The players wreck pvp with their meta defs and that’s always gonna be the case.

I said on the stream last night:

“You guys should grind 500 battles against life and death, weaver, grave seer, king Avelorn -Orbweaver teams. Trust me its fun, we have to do it every week.”

It was met with a nooo, no, no by Salty.

They would never do it on stream because they know how stupid it would look.

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It isn’t being ignored. The devs are more than quite aware of the issues in PvP, as it is currently implemented.

On the stream, Salty said that the matchmaking system that has been in place since PvP was implemented is currently being worked on internally, which means it’s getting replaced in a quarterly patch update. Whether that happens in 4.8 or 5.0 is up to the devs to eventually reveal.

It’s much more likely than not that the new system will not allow players to put up suicidal defenses, at least not without significant harm to the player’s PvP standing to do so.

But, until the new system is implemented, the devs are not going to waste their time band-aiding the old system. Their time is much better spent writing a whole new system that address all of the issues all at once.