Devour Vs. Barrier?

How does barrier offer no protection against devour? I really don’t understand this at all…

Moreover, the devorer gains the barrage he devours :smiley:
Morality : barrage is not only useless, but can also be dangerous against a devourer !

I don’t know how I didn’t know this before this week. The extra amount of Kerberos showed me and I was just floored.

It’s quite stupid that devour goes through barrier, let alone inherits it.

IMO, Devour should also inherit poison, disease, silence, freeze, death mark…


Yea, talk about indigestion, right?
Oh wait, that’s already a trait.


I could see most devours working since it first does damage than devours (except for Great Maw), but it should have destroyed the barrier with the damage. As it is now I can not see it as anything but a bug.