Devour Fix Question

New to the forums.
I’ve been searching a bit, but i wonder if a forum veteran could answer me:
Did the Devs say anything about Devour?
I know they are working on a Deathmark fix, but i am really wondering if Devour is also getting looked into.


Oh, and before anyone says “Devour is ok, you just needs to counter it”, let me just say i am late to the forums, but not to the game.
I am level 1055, i have all the cards. I use Devour decks myself. I also, like anyone, can built Infinity-Loop decks with 100% win ratios.
I still think the ability is a bit off, very off-putting for newer players ( i’ve introduced many friends to this game), and make more than 50% of the game cards useless (any card that boosts or heals another card).

Thanks, looking forward to using these nice forums.

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Considering devour got a buff not so long ago (as in some troops getting higher devour chances), i personaly don’t believe we will be seeing nerfs in this section soon.


That’s too bad.
I know that in every game, the most “urgent” things to adjust are not always the most powerful, or broken.
It’s the most “frustrating for players”, because the playing-pleasure is what keeps games alive.

The adjustement to Deathmark is a good exemple. Deathmark is really not that strong. But the randomness of mass Deathmark , specially triggered as is the case with Deathknight, can be just frustrating.

And frustration is never good.

A friend of mine asked me: “what should i do against 2 Kerberos backed by a Giant Spider??” My answer is always: Infinit-Loop, don’t let em play. But then he says: “i’d like to play something else! I can’t even use most of my cards!”

But thanks DonBoba for your answer.


Agree with Don. They already tweaked Devour so it’s unlikely they’ll do much more.

I don’t think Devour is all that bad myself. It’s certainly not nearly as random and user-unfriendly as Death Mark.


True, not as random for sure, and a bit more manageable. And it’s power probably has something to do with the fact that it is found on already powerful cards (like Kraken or Kerberos) and is repeatable (unlike on Maw).

The problem i felt is more about the meta.
Because of this, i am looking for cards that are either
1- Immune to Devour
2- Prevent Devour from beeing used (control: drain, stun, silence, devour, board control and extra-turns)

And makes any card that boosts another useless.
Boosting your own cards to 100 attack and Life means nothing (specially if you add deathmark to the mix).
So i think a big aspect of the game (self boosting) is currently underplayed, and it’s a bit sad.


I wholeheartedly disagree with that. :wink:

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First and foremost:
Welcome to the forums @Venar! :tada:

Secondly: Everybody already said what I would say, since the devs have already looked at and adjusted it, it will not be back on their radar for a good while. :unamused:


I tend not to see Devour teams that much. If I saw them always I could see why that would be annoying. Maybe cognitive bias in that you tend to focus on the cases when it’s there?

My general opinion is that it’s a decent mechanic because it forces the player to adopt specific counter measures. With a single mana drain troop you can generally crush a Devour troop. I think that kind of depth is great overall. I may be in the minority though. It seems like a lot of people either have a specific playstyle or team that they really like and always want to play yet it isn’t a one-size-fits-all team so it struggles with some comps and thus can be frustrating.


Great post, IMO.

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@Delinquent 100% agree

Thanks! :grin:

You were talking about me… right? :confused:

Oh… :cry:


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There’s a heart for you. I hope you feel better. :wink:

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I see them from time to time. To be honest, i find multiple Famines more annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

First, thanks all for answering, it’s true that with the recent adjustment , we won’t see it soon.

Second… mana drain is no protection for a well build Devour team. You can fill a Giant Spider in 1 turn with the right banner, and 1 Spider will fill 1 or 2 Kerberos before you can drain them (it’s what i use to farm Explo on Warlord).
As i said, me, i have teams that never even let the opponent play, so if i scout Devourers, i just play that.

But any game with a PVP system (fighting, cards, RPG, strategy), must provide fun, and a players has more fun when he can actually play. Even in a losing game, a players usually has more fun if he managed to play a little, cast spells, use cards and attack. Losing a troop in 1 cast means you never used it, and means less fun.

But hey, i’ve loved this game since Puzzle Quest 1 , so i’m no about to stop :slight_smile:

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I personally hate Devour, and if Mana Drain or other counters to Devour get nerfed, you can expect me to quit as well.

Devour has to be the worst mechanic in the game, its super cheap and lame.

Like you said OP, it makes more than 50% of the cards in the game worthless. I want a strategy game, not prevention of strategy based on control and if you get unlucky once you lost.


Kerberos is completely op these days with devour, wargs and then dire wolves. 50% was a ridiculous amount to make it. Two of those are better than almost any mythic barring famine or gard’s. Kraken is better than most mythics too. When a legendary is better than the mythic something needs adjusting somewhere!

I disagree. The fact that it’s only 50% makes it pretty unreliable. I think the only sense in which it’s "“OP” is that it has devour and RNG and therefore can be very frustrating on defense in GW. That doesn’t make it “OP” though. I actually think it would be less frustrating but more OP if its devour was 100%. It’s the surprise factor that I think drives a lot of the frustration.

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The summoning is more over the top than the 50% devour IMO. Especially that it essentially summons twice, not once.

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I don’t want to derail this thread from the devour topic, but does anybody else have a concern about Sir Gwayne? He is an instant Do Over button. When I read the card I thought 1-3 meant a random quantity, but its 1-3 to fill open spots. So if its down to just him and he cast now you’re facing a brand new crew.
Its not too OP, but damned frustrating!

I actually like both devour and gwayne… Maybe im in the minority but i think they are both fine as is

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It is random. If you are missing 3 troops it still could summon only 1 or 2.