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Dev Character/Caricature Cards

Have you (the Devs) considered introducing character troops representing yourselves? They could be the new chase cards.
Mythics are cool, Guardians are colossal, but the Dev cards could be the Titans of the game.

I think you guys deserve to have your legacy immortalized in the form of a troop in the game you created. Don’t let your modesty be a barrier for bringing joy to thousands of players. MTG has the Unhinged set and some of their champions (both National and World) have had cards made for them, or from their ideas. Point is, that some of the most successful games in the world have caricature cards. I don’t see why you can’t have them as well.

How about it community? Want some Dev troops in your decks?


Despite the game having a character named Cthyryzyx, the name I have the most trouble remembering is Luther, because I keep calling him Sirrian I have no idea if he looks anything like the guy though :l


And unglued!

I want it more as a what would the 4xx bonus be and what would their spells even be, also what would @Sirrian’s flavour text even be? Would @Nimhain have a transform ability to go with her revolving character portrait?

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No he doesn’t.

Nim would transform into the event troop for whatever week it is.


She normally transforms due to kingdom releases. Is there a pattern as to what type of character she chooses, like always epic (storyline character) or legendary or common.

If we became cards, we would have to introduce a new rarity as we’re stronger than the 4 horsemen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(PSA: We are not playing add any more rarities at the moment. This is just a joke)


I think it’d be fun if you added yourselves into the game in a different capacity; maybe like the Joker card where your cards don’t actually do anything but you can substitute a Dev card for any other type of card in the game, even ones you don’t have. Dev cards would be the rarest in the game (something like 1 out of 10,000 chance in a gem chest) but once you got one, you could redeem it for one of any other cards in the game. I know that’d probably be a whole lot of extra development work but it’d be pretty cool and wouldn’t require changing the current rarity scheme (in terms of card power anyway). I know it’ll probably never happen but it’s fun to dream :wink:

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i think a few non-devs would need to be added as well… Hellllllooooo everyone! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is that the spell name, the legendary trait, the sound effect or the flavor text?


All of the above? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

yes? :):):):slight_smile:


So how would the team write their card effects starting with you @Nimhain.

New Mythic cards:

@Jainus, Duke Of Moderation
Spell: Nerf Bat: rewrite target enemy’s stats, traits and spells to something far more sensible, like any random troop more than 12 months old.

@Tacet, Duke Of Consternation
Spell: Hellooooo Everyone!: inflict deafened status on all enemies, which combines the effects of silence, stun and entangle - also switches the player’s handset volume to maximum and terrifies passing children, dogs, cats and elderly people.

@Lyya, Marchise Of Illumination
Spell: Data Hacking: transform a random ally troop into a random unreleased troop, with scarily over-powered draft stats and abilities.

Everyone please do suggest more, based on our correspondents’ performance on the forum… note the game already features trolls, so no points for making that joke on anyone, even those it obviously suits…


definatelly flavor text

Annaerith - Maiden of Kindness
Spell: Supply Mana: Randomly redistribute gathered mana (2:1 ratio) to all other allies, transfer up to 2 debuffs from your allies to random enemies, cleanse all allies, if there is no skulls on the board gain an extra turn.
Text: “Wisdom is the ultimate value, right behind love.

(i know im not a dev nor celebrity but couldnt help it :P)

Magronstarr - The Old Tutor
Spell: Guide Again: Drain mana from all allies and all enemies, clear the board, give all allies +2attack +1life, if there are at least 8 skulls on the board gain extra turn.
Text: “This is an original straw hat. No fake straws.


I disagree. I think you stand out enough to get one of these.

That why I said you are Titans. The Titans were the first divine rulers in Greek Mythology. Hence, they are more powerful than the 4 Horsemen. :smiling_imp:

@Sirrian - Father of Universe [Titan/Deity]
Spell: Ninja Fixed!: Reset chosen enemy or ally toop statistics back to starting point without buff/debuff bonuses, remove all its buffs and debuffs, drain its mana, gain 1+magic souls, gain an extra turn.
Text: “Gifts there will be! But we want to make sure we fix the problem first!

@Nimhain - Mother of Universe [Titan/Deity]
Spell: Swipe the Hackers: Deal 1+magic aoe damage to all enemies - doubled on stealthed units - boosted by amount of debuffs on my allies (1:2). Remove random color from the board or gain extra turn.
Text: “Yay! And it’s all my fault!

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If some players were to be added as troops in the game, I would like to see some “historical figures”, those who accomplished great achievements, like @MrSammy or @dhjl.