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Dev - can we please add a reduction to a resurrect - after the first resurrect?

I just lost a GW not because of strategy or anything such as cascades but the continuous resurrect of Infernal King 5 TIMES

And this was against my Justice League… between the nerfing of gems spawns and this… it’s not RNG it’s coding. You control the RNG…

I’ve seen this with TDS as well.

The most I have had my TDS resurrect was 3 times… and I play him constantly.


Gem spawns are still really annoying I’ve still had 22 blues on the board and casted a justice (pc) mind you and completely missed and does this everytime… So much fun letting the team get what you shoulda got :slight_smile:

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Stun, done.


I know…it really makes me wonder.

I had almost the entire board blue and purple with a two single 3 match…no 4 match. :frowning: Three times in that last battle. Yet I see the same team in AI get all kinds of matches and run the board.

Same goes with Fizzbang this week. Can’t get a single cast to explode the board…yet every time I have gone up against in PVP - explode explode and more explode…

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Only problem is Infernal was in slot one - and already had taken out my Stunners :frowning: