Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


Just get to the 4,000 renown checkpoint today! Now my GW defense team is a micro bit stronger than most players!

Tomorrow, I would reach Level 300, and it’s a checkpoint to try Faction team challange again. Will update tomorrow!


Pretty cool!

For the mid to late gamers out there, I’m now leveling up the All-Seeing faction in preparation for the event on Tuesday. My delve level there is still low, but will be set higher from the event. So I may as well up it ahead of time for some practice for Tuesday, and a +1x treasure multiplier. Maybe that gives something like 40% more treasure from the delve chest in the daily delves, compared to just farming at level 20.

For those of us without great teams (and skill) for building renown so far, note that Sea of Sorrow might be brown and blue, good for a doomskull team. No mythics required.

On the weekend of October 19 if we have a Sea of Sorrow event, I might spend the whole weekend leveling the faction using every sigil up to 6 tiers if I can handle it and have the time. Afterwards, for daily delves I can choose to farm Crypt at level 20 or push for more renown at Sea.


Whelp… I failed it.

Getting quite close though. I clear the first room with no problems. In Dragon Hatchery, too much summoning/transfroming make the match drag on and cause me to lose my Silent Sentinel to enemies’ skull match. Here’s the boss fight.

I moved my Gargoyle to last spot, as that’s most safe spot to avoid enemies’ Gargoyle spell hit (can’t be top due to skull match and silence). In theory, my Ethereal buffing itself 2 times would be enough to fight with enemies’ Silent Sentinel, combining with stunned and my Gargoyle’s spell hit. Managed to bring enemies 2 top troops to under 100 life points, but I lost eventually due to enemies’s random skyfall skull matches.

I got 3 more tries tomorrow. With enough luck, I might be able to win it!


I find Lady Morana so unreliable in delves and people recommend using her for the higher level delves? Maybe with the insta kill chance but when you fail multiple 40% chances, it really adds up and in the later ones, you really can’t afford to try that often. Rock trolls are also the bane with her since they remove the Ice Armor trait.


Yeah, Lady Morana is the main reason I stop aiming to max Crypt Keeper, as I can’t try Faction team multiple times, which cause blocked renown progress.

Wishing to be lucky once is okay, wishing it to happen 5 times is… wishful thinking. So I switched to Hall of Guardian instead despite the less progress there.

As for Rock Troll, I thought his double-brown spell to feed Rock Worm and Bulette is such a nightmare already, but his stunned-on-skull trait is the worse here, and his stoneskin trait is also not helping. Only way to deal with it seem to be great Impervious troops that also have good skull damage reduction, which is nonexistent. The next best thing is Fortitude, which leave only Stonehammer and Lord Ironbeard.

Although, speaking of Lord Ironbeard, he is pretty great in All Seeing Eye, for his double skull damage and stoneskin, with triple red spell to deal with Ocularen Leech.


Titan hero class can have Fortitude - if you get it to lvl100. I’ve found it immensely useful, obviously.


Now that my hoards are all at 10 I have started using a all faction team at ASE.

Out of the three factions available ASE has the most fun team. The other 2 are a little slower moving and less flow.

I’ll see if I can beat all 3 today there.

Here is my team.


Lv 200 seems quite doable with any faction team. Lv 300 though is beyond my frustration tolerance. Possible if you’re willing to stick at it until you get super lucky but for me I’ll just be sticking to 200 with faction team.


Finally did it! Woohoo!

Took me 7 tries in total though. I’ve learnt that it highly depended on which middle room is chosen. Dragon Hatchery seems to be the easiest. The Iron Gate and Bulette Lair is close to impossible with Fraction team.

I was able to get to Boss room with full team. Intentionally get my Silent Sentinel killed to able to kill their Gargoyle faster. Able to kill their 2 top troops with 3 of my troops alive. It’s a skull duel at this point, which they somehow get lucky to kill 2 of my troops in one turn. Still managed to kill them all using my buffed Gargoyle. Pretty close call!

So it’s time to move forward to Level 400 checkpoint! Things are starting to get very deadly now, so I might have to change my team strategy to include more insta-kill and Devour, if I still want to beat all rooms. The Faction Team challange though, I might only try it up to 10 times, if it’s unsuccessful, I will have to move past it and try it again one last time at Level 500, the last Level!

Here’s the Renown update. Noted that I only use sigils I got from buying Weapons in Faction event, so everyone can do the same as me!

Now, on the Tuesday Faction Event topic. My calculation is right, it’s usually take 2 Tiers (90 Gems) to finish all 8 stage rewards in All Seeing Eye. If you’re lucky, it could be 1 or 0 Tier though, as that 3rd Valraven jerk suddenly decided to show up at Level 100, the last level after I bought second Tiers.

The Shards/Treasures reward are very awesome as always. I managed to get 3 troops each of both Crypt Keeper and Hall of Guardian to Mythic for maximum stars level today. With all 3 Faction at Hoard Level 100, it’s time to save all Shards and Treasures for new Faction next month! :grin:

Is delve a guild killer?

This is me without spending gems; I did every single room and didn’t let any Valravens escape. So you need to spend some



I’ve been lucky so far with valravens. Before spending any gems, I got to the end of stage 8 on the last sigil. Boss always defeated, no valravens lost. I think it was delve level 100.

I’m now buying tiers one at a time, using the sigils before buying another.


Basically if youre lucky and get 3 valravens, no need to spend gems. Otherwise you have to buy more tiers


Does the raid boss troop work against the delve boss?


Probably not. None of the delve “bosses” are classified as boss


My best pull so far.


If anyone is recommending Lady Morana on a normal delve team, don’t listen to the person, ever.

Lady Morana is only good as a faction team as she’s the only one currently that scales decently to the enemy stat points. Instakill doesn’t care if you have 1,000 combined life points. Ocularen Leech is close, but requires multiple casts.

On the later delves, you are legitimately praying coin flips land with more heads than tails. Some targets need to die instantly, others can wait a few casts before its successful.

The Rock Troll room is nightmarish with the CK on Delve 500, but not because of Rock Troll’s stun on hit. Cockatrice into Rock Worm is a mean way to quickly rip your team apart. Kill Rock Worm and Ice Worm can do the exact same thing. You can’t totally ignore Rock Troll either because of that stun though.


so lady morana is for moranas?


when you put it that way, yes lol


Well i used her and i dont regret it, yeah her instakill is cool but i used her because of 65% damage reduction and it did a good job imo


Just to confirm again that he is surely great! I use the team of Lord Ironbeard/Yao Guai/Archer-Yasmine’s Pride/Megavore on all 10 (+2) level. He make fighting in first/boss rooms such a cakewalk!

It’s early level, so his stoneskin trait is quite okay. Combining with Archer’s Hunter’s Mark, he could do 4x skull damage to everyone, or 200+ base damage without any boost!

I recommend using him in All Seeing Eye Faction Event. He even can be useful in some other rooms as well, as Bulette/Rock Worm/Kruarg the Dread are all Monster.