Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


1 Shard a day does sound like a little bit Better reward.


I would go with five shards, so with four factions fairly upgraded, or many at earlier stages you could have one Portal a day even if you can’t play at all.


I think that’s it for today.

Just finish level 100 in this event. I’m gonna wait until tomorrow to continue, so I can do faction team challange with normal scroll. Also, to avoid getting burned out.

It’s the same point that required to finish all stage rewards on Tuesday event, but obviously, it’s not enough for weekend one. I still able to beat every rooms up until this point, in reverse-rarity order. Here is how far I got.

I use the same team with Hall of Guardian, and it’s still very low risk and farm-able at this level. Glaycion is fine with getting webbed, as his damage doesn’t use magic stats as all. Have to switch Megavore up front to beat the round with Tangled Path room though.

Here is the last move before winning in Level 100, and some renown update.


Yeah this makes sense. Lower numer of room doesnt necessarily mean bad delve but in the Eye case its clearly worse than the other two. In other words dont use eye as your farm


Managed to beat Delve 300 with the Faction team. Woohoo!

Would have taken a picture but the result screen and the chest opening screen wouldn’t show Im using a faction team. (I think)


Go to the renown page. It will show the highest level you beat and another for faction team.



Took 7 tries. No point in doing 400 and in theory 500 should be possible with some treasure hoard help.

Definitely good news


Awesome @Santandrix. Well done! :slight_smile:


Thank you @Eika, I do enjoy playing the hard mode but I just don’t feel it is rewarding enough at the moment.


I just chill around myself. I also got 1000 total Renowns today. Lets see if my first daily Ingot can be a Legendary or Mythic. :blush:


Congrats on 1000! :+1:

I haven’t started yet today so I look forward to more portal openings.


Another Chart:
Taken from 62 samples of delve rewards that I have received since 4.0 was released.

I was surprised to see that legendary ingots had the second highest drop rate.




Delve 490 Boss:

Lady Morana: 495 Armor, 501 Life, 252 Atk, 129 Magic (130 spell damage)
Spectral Knight: 492 Armor, 493 Life, 250 Atk, 124 Magic (125 true damage!)
Grave Seer: 491 Armor, 501 Life, 250 Atk, 117 Magic (lol dmg)
Nightshade: 481 Armor, 501 Life, 247 Atk, 117 Magic (lol indeed)

Spectral Knight’s magic has been scaling either +2 or +3 from floor to floor. I’d imagine if someone was good at setting up formulas, you’d probably be able to figure out the growth pattern from a few data points.

We need a +2 Blue, +1 Red Banner or +2 Red, +1 Blue Banner, I’m not picky yet…


Good job idle!!! Your next challenge is lv 500 without losing any troop :stuck_out_tongue:


going to try to throw my head at a brick wall/try 4 faction at 500


After reading other players’ Delve strategy, I still don’t understand why some of players want to keep one faction at level 20 for farming purpose.
What’s the bad thing about farming at level 30 instead? If nothing much, why don’t go all the way to farm at level 100?

The main supportive arguments I see are time and reward efficiency, but I think both of them are objective depending on each players. Some players have more time, and some players can beat all the rooms in higher level without much risk the same way they can do at Level 20. It’s all about finding your comfort zone in my opinion.

To put it frankly, I’m too busy with progressing that I have no time to do farming. If I want to do that, I could just wait for Tuesday instead.


Daily Tasks
Daily Dungeons
Daily Delves
Daily GW/Raid/Invasion

In addition we have to find time to do the almost daily events and every weekend a 3-Day event not to mention frequent pet rescues and the weekly stuff as in snotstones and getting to Tier 1 in PvP.
I’m not complaining about too much stuff to do. I love it actually. I’m lucky to have plenty of free time to do it all but others don’t. With everything else you don’t have a “time choice” like we do with delves. With delves you can get literally the EXACT SAME rewards for your daily 3 scrolls with a time investment of 10 minutes or 1 hour+. The choice is yours.
If you have 1 delve at lv20 and all the others high lv you have a choice depending on real life time restraints. If you have them all high lv you have no choice at all.

TL;DR The farming delve is for the daily 3 scrolls when you have little time.


It took me a moment to realise that the person you were addressing was called @noob and that you weren’t just calling them a ‘noob’ as a put down… ahhhh where’s my coffee…


At level 20 i can 1 or 2 cast team wipe the enemy and it takes less than 5 mins per delve. The higher level i go the more casts i need and the longer it takes, permanently, could be double or triple the time. In return i get a few renowns and a couple of one time ingots. I prefer to save time so i keep my level at 20. If you value renowns and ingots more you can farm at higher level.

Farming on tuesday isnt a good idea tho. You dont get the quality bonus for running away from the boss.


It’s more fun to play with a challenge, but once reaching your max safe level, you will get the same rewards farming at 20 as at, say, 100. I like to work towards progressing in the game, so want more rewards per hour. Higher renown is progression, but the time investment doesn’t seem worth it to me right now.

After this faction event, I hope that in all future events that aren’t in my farming faction, I’ll let the delve level rise. So I’ll farm daily at low level but usually play for a challenge in faction events starting this coming Tuesday.