Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


I might be too generalize about my Ubastet + Fleshripper plan without doing any calculation. I guess I could try to do it now!

Ubastat is not available in All seeing Eye, but assuming other Delve level 500 have similar stats, I have to borrow your screenshot above.

Assuming other missing troop also have around 50 attack stats. Here is the extra damage for Ubastet’s boost in first cast.

[(280×4)+(50×4)]/6 = 220 extra damage per troops.

Now for Fleshripper’s extra damage boost, casting on Xerodar.

553-(557/3) = 367 life points left.

Nope! It’s still 140 damage away, which I assume Fleshripper/Ubastet base damage from bonus stats from Hoards Level 100 still won’t help close the gap that much.

But still, if you can find other troops to bring a single troop’s life points below 220, Ubastet could kill it and insta-kill other healthy 1K stats troop in the process. As both Hero and Ubastet are able get some mana start-up despite using the same color, it could work!


My current setup is using Yao Guai + Yasmine’s Pride combo. Assuming I’m taking on Delve Level 500 in All Seeing Eye, it would work like this…

Yasmine’s Pride casting on Ocularen Leech.

542/3 = 180 more life for everyone.

For Yaoi Guai damage, assuming he got base 100 life points and 30 base damage.

30+[(100+180)/3] = 123 damage to 2 top troops.

Still take 4-5 casts to kil Ocularen Leech. But this doesn’t consider life/magic steals, and you can cast Yasmine’s Pride up to 4 times. But overall it’s quite an impressive damage!


I’m not sure if the Cauldron one will work, if it targets YG.

Hoard 1000: +182 Attack, +90 Magic, +364 Life, +363 Armor.
Cauldron would give 21 life + 90 Magic = 111 life.

Yao Guai would have 364 Life + 59 base life = 423 delve life. 3:1 , 141 damage boost + 90 magic + 21 base magic = 252 spell damage to 2 enemies.

Cauldron would only tack on 37 damage worth of life bonus. At Hoard 1000, I find doubling the +182 attack damage more impressive.

Pharoah Hound/Yao Guai does wonders in Bounty so you kinda have to wonder what can be paired with those so the other 2 non-combo troops don’t die from room to room in Delve.

Golden Cog + Gard’s Avatar would hurt like a truck if you can keep it protected and mana fed.


Played the Cog-Gard variant a while, it works fine, but if Gard gets hit once before your first Cog cast you can basically quit the battle/delve.
Decided against that risk eventually.


Okay, new idea. Ubastet + Earth’s Fury!

Casting Earth’s Fury, with base 30 damage on Xerodar for maximum attack gain.

  • (557/3)+2 = 187 more attack for all troops!
  • Xerodar still got 553-30 = 523 life points.

Assuming other missing troop also have around 50 attack stats. With Earth’s fury cast, now every troop have 50+187 = 237 attack points each. Here is the new extra damage for Ubastet’s boost in first cast.

  • [(280×4)+(237×4)]/6 = 344 extra damage per troops.

Huh… still not enough. Let’s try casting Earth’s Fury again on Ocularen Leech.

  • (542/3)+2 = 182 more attack for all troops!
  • Ocularan Leech still got 557-30 = 527 life points.

Then for Ubastet…

  • 237+182 = 419 attack point per troop.
  • [(280×4)+(419×4)]/6 = 466 extra damage per troops.

Still won’t kill anything, and a waste of insta-kill too. T^T At least Ubastet doing 900+ damage in one cast is still impressive.


Woo baby, 3 common ingots on login to spice up the day.

Some daily login shards would be nice…


My stats are based on Hoard level 100. You’re welcome to bump it up to a higher number if it helps your cause.


Thanks for the clarification. My highest Hoard Level is still in the 80s, so I can’t check it myself. Information about actual magic stats would be very helpful.

I guess I can review it from Hoard Level tab manu, but it’s confusing without knowing each troop base magic damage.


For ubastet/earth’s fury, you’d only need to know how much cast damage your hero does + boosted delve bonus magic and then the fun part, Ubastet cast damage + delve magic bonus boosted by atk + delve attack bonus to all 4 of your troops + floor 500 enemy attack value (provided at +10%)

Oh and hero class talent tree because magic all over the place.


Or… to summarize, next to impossible to know until players actually try to play with it. :joy:

I just try bring up the strategy that would work logically, I’m still not sure if it would actually work in practice. But I hope it will be useful to you! ^^


I got to ASE level 200 with this team and had no issues, perhaps you’d want to try it at level 500?

MC-titan (duststorm, barrier on browns, lightning strike, fortitude)
Tesla [provides the damage]
Arachnean Weaver [Enemies with zero magic = easier to survive]
Sylvanimora [Top enemy entangled = avoids death by random skull cascades]

If you do try it, let me know how it goes! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll give it a try, couldn’t hurt. What banner?


I used kraken, I like the +2 brown to get MC up faster… Most of the mana afterwards comes from the explosions.


Okay, played 1 round. Seen enough…

Damage output is definitely there, but oh man is survival sketchy. Can it beat 500? probably, although I’m not certain how many tries it’ll take.

Ocularen transforming all Brown to Green neuters Mountain Crusher. That was a scramble to recover from that. Survived that one though.

Web came off at the worst possible times, right as the AI casted. If the AI wanted to cast loop me, I’d be a goner.

Skipped Dwarven Gate/Lord Ironbeard/Apothecary/Lady Ironbeard thinking a race to Web Lady Ironbeard before Apothecary fills Lady Ironbeard under a Dust Storm wasn’t something I wanted to find out. (5 mins after typing all this out, I remember Apothecary actually cleanses too, so I can’t web Lady Ironbeard. Death trap!)

Went to the lower room with Spinnerette, Tomb Spider, Giant Spider, Dokkalfar. Yeah, that was also very scary as Spinnerette and Tomb Spider are immune to Web and they can web me right back. (Webbed Mountain Crusher is … bad). Survived, but it could have gone any direction.

3rd room was Faery Ring which is where I died. The battles could go either way and well, the AI sky skulled me twice in the opening moves with no 4/5 matches to start the battle, killing my hero. Fey Cap’s concentrated damage on 3 troops + more skull traps to me = Tesla was brought down very quickly. After that, there was no way to come back.

Basically, a bad board means you’re screwed. You can say that about most teams, but yeah, especially here.

I don’t really want to run it again as Ocularen turning Brown to Green while applying a high amount of damage is not something I want to chance again, incase I lose the mana race of filling A.Weaver before Ocularen (which Ocularen Leech can easily set up).

Definitely not bad, but not meant for me? On paper, it looks good though.


Ow, that’s rough… but thanks for trying it out! You’re definitely right, the brown to green transform from the Ocularen can really mess up with this team, and getting a bad board with no brown or 4/5-matches is more or less a death sentence at such high delve levels.

I will probably give it a go with that team in the next ASE event and see how far I can make it, probably not 500… but Tesla is one of my favorite troops and I enjoy the team, so why not :grin:


My mistake, Cauldron doubles attack, so it would require a troop like Cyclops to deal huge damage.
I mixed the doubled stats because i always think a Cauldron would increase your belly… i mean your Health… :sweat_smile:


I reached Delve Level 200 today, it’s a checkpoint to try to do faction team challange again! So far, 2 attempts, failing in both with 81 Hoard Level. :sweat_smile:

Like its ancestors, Mang team, Faction team in Hall of Guardian can swing very badly depending on your luck with mana and random skull match. It can be very managable, or so terrible that you lose a troop so quickly before doing anything.

Case example, for RNG gone right:

I can get Silent Sentinel’s attack stats to be very high by casting Ethereal Sentry a few times. Then bashing everything with skulls, and casting Gargoyle for huge damage. Even when The Dragon Soul summoned Baby Dragon by its trait, then it became Bone Dragon, I can still kill it quickly before it can cast its spell.

Case example for RNG gone wrong?
The exact same match in next run, but they get to skull’ed my Silent Sentinel early, so attack increasing went as a snail pace. Without speed, they can keep casting and matching skulls, killing everything. I still ended up winning, but with just Arcane Golem left alive.

Also, I learned the hard lesson when fighting with the boss. You can’t match skulls to enemies’ Sentinel to keep you alive longer, it’s better just let them attack you and get silenced in the process. Let your own Silent Sentinel died if necessary, but keep adding Gargoyle’s attack as main Mang troop, and get rid of enemies’ Gargoyle as fast as possible. Once it died and enemies barely have any armors, you’re bounded to win if you can avoid skull damage long enough.


Day 3

In 3 day, i got 4 common and 2 rare


Okay, just remember that I forget about one important factor: matching skulls!

Instead of focusing on enemy with highest armor, players should focus on top troop instead. In this case, Ocularen Leech!

In this case, Ubastet’s extra damage would be…

  • 50+182 = 232 attack point per troop.
  • [(280×4)+(232×4)]/6 = 341 extra damage per troops.

Now for Ocularen Leech’s life.

  • After Earth’s Fury cast = 527 life points left
  • match 3 skulls once = 527-232 = 295 life point left.

This put Ocularen Leech under Ubastet’s killing range, that mean another weakest troop with 1K stats would get an instant dead! This might be it!!!

So the plan is this.

  1. Choosing Ubastet and Earth’s Fury as 2 of your troops.
  2. Casting Earth’s Fury on first enemy troops.
  3. Matching one lucky 3-skull.
  4. Casting Ubastet, killing half the team.

Looking very possible, woohoo! :laughing:


And you use zuul so 1 guy remaining :slight_smile:

Now go craft zuul