Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


About 90% luck and 10% not giving the AI too many mana/advantages (missing 4 matches, playing defense, not getting bonked by skull hits etc).

I’d say Grave Seer in the back, only because it’ll block Lady Moranas on the Red color otherwise.

It really depends on what 2nd room you get, luck on killing those threats asap, then keeping that luck through the 3rd room.


8,000 shards is rough to farm out at current rates.

Some mudflation with additional sources of shards needs to happen.


This is pretty much where I’m at, though my hoard level is 100. I’m not happy with it.


Theory crafting time:

Which troop is the better 1st slot choice for the Primal Rift faction team? Dark Dryad or Green Golem?

At first glance, it seems like Green Golem is the better choice. Alderfather can respawn it, it has 50% skull reduction, heals itself, and can entangle on skull hit. All are great things.

However, Green Golem can be entangled, which is very detrimental in the mirror match.

Dark Dryad’s skill buffs the 1st troop, so it happens to buff its own magic, it’ll make future buffs much more efficient. It also has immunity to entangle which is important to the mirror match. The one downside is that it only has 33% skull reduction (and can’t entangle on skull hit).

So on paper, Green Golem may be better in the 2nd and 3rd room and Dark Dryad would be better for the 1st and 4th room. Since you can’t swap order mid-delve, which would be better?


For me, I would pick Dark Dryad, as immunity to Entangle will be crucial for winning in skull-based team like this.

In my opinion, it’s quite similar to Hall of Guardian, as you just have to buff first troop’s attack and spam skulls to win. Here at Primal Rift, attack will be given at random, but life/armor/magic could be useful for survival and becoming stronger later. I’m so happy that there is also a dual convertor here to speed things up.

Green Golem could survive longer, but if it get Entangled by enemies’ Green Golem’s skull/spell, your Alderfather’s spell will be almost useless. So it better to get Dark Dryad up front. The challenge will be how to keep her alive all the way…


Final Multiplier Possibilities

Faction Min Median Max
ASE 3.3 3.5 3.9
HOG 3.65 3.8 3.95
CK 3.45 3.7 4.1
SOS 3.7 3.9 4.25
PR 3.6 3.85 4.55

(based on doing all rooms in that factions’ delve and a base multiplier of 2)

New Faction - Primal Rift

Do you mind doing a table for expectation value of chest upgrades?


I got the same final multiplier on lvl 20 on Primal Rift as on Sea Of Sorrow, so I guess both of these are equally good for “the lvl 20 farm delve”?


Yes and no. Yes as in it has the highest chance of the biggest multiplier yet but also no because, if you keep it at 20, you miss out on all the rewards the new faction event can give… I still dislike that change greatly.


Primal Rift’s Faction team is as great as I thought, but much more slower than expected. Although, I like the elements of it that make player-controlled team much more stronger than AI’s, so it my second favorite Faction now, next to Hall of Guardians.

My sigils from buying new weapon only take to level 190, so I have to do Faction team challange here instead of 200, by using one of 3 Underworld scroll. I made it on first try! :grinning:

Things was going quite well, with Dark Dryad got buffed to have 200+ attack, so she was able to take out both Green Golem and their Dark Dryad. Then bad cascade happened and she’s dead. The battle turned from quite slow to snail pace, for keep waiting for Entangle to wear off on my troops. Luckily, I was able to take out their Rosethorn before it kill anything else.

They pretty much have no damage-dealing troop now, so after some summons on both side, I finally did it after 10 minutes!

I will try again at Level 250 tomorrow once, then moved to Level 300. I don’t think it would be too hard, might need other team composition though.

So… will Level 500 be possible here? Maybe, if you’re lucky enough to always get attack buff from Dark Dryad, and avoid all skulls and getting entangled. Probably better to go a bit higher than Hoard Level 100 though. Here is my renown progress.


how many times did their Rosethorn cast?


Yea but in a long run the only thing that matters is the level 20 multiplier. When you play 600 level 20 matches it starts to make a difference if the multiplier is 2.9 or 3.1. That is all I give a sheisse about.


After using my 8.000 Shards:

Still needing three Dark Dryads, and this is the point where i’m too tired of the constant :cow::poop: of Dust Devils and Bulletes at Level 100+ so i get tempted to use my gems on the shop…

Guess i’ll just play the shortest route a few times and get the needed shards.


I used less than 8k shards and got lucky since my last troop to upgrade mythic was Green Golem.

Last Faction was totally different. I had to play for 15 days to only upgrade the Rare troop. I should have used an ascension orb. I didn’t count the amount of shards I used, but it must have been much over the average. I think I had all the other troops ascended when I still needed 20+ rare troops for completion.

8k shards maybe is the raw limit where after that one should think seriously about orbs.


In All Seeing-Eye I only ascended half the faction to mythic, still did the faction team at level 300. Someday I’ll use some shards to ascend the other two.

I don’t see a big rush to ascend to mythic in most cases.


Basically for this.
I didn’t invested in “All-silly Eyes” yet because it wouldn’t matter for Darkstone’s Stars. But i’ll get there eventually.


I think at 5K or maybe 6K one should consider his situation and maybe use an Orb, otherwise these extra 2K shards will be “wasted”.


7,500 to 8,000 shards to get all 4 mythic is reasonable in my humble opinion.

I spent 7,400 shards today to get them all mythic and still have over 4,000 shards left.


Ah, that makes sense.

By the way, just discovered from your post that when you reply to someone right after their post, they get the notification even though reading the forum you can’t see that it was a direct reply to someone. So it does really work as a reply to the person, not just to the thread.


Yes, the forums has some small quirks, anyway after upgrading the Dark Dryad i advanced two Power Stars and it leaves me at:

Given the opportunity i might invest some gems in the shop for these pets before being locked away of the next star and the bonuses when the next troops for this kingdom become available, even if it doesn’t seems like a lot (3.5 tribute reward), but when you consider for how long you can be earning tributes these small increments will pile up nicely. And every new pet introduced makes things a little more harder in the sense that you won’t see some pets in a while unless you guild is really active in PVP…

Being an Endgamer: Keep your pixels properly organized and under control. :stuck_out_tongue: