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Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

Most of the early posts dealt with non-faction teams, hoard quality issues, and room opponents. I believe the first true faction completion was the ASE by Idle. Then several players did the Crypt Keeper, and then some did Hall of Guardian.

I couldn’t get a secure connection on my wifi last night, but my xbox has a good connection. It just doesn’t copy links as good. Thanks for listing all the posts.

I did Crypt Keepers during its 3 day weekend predating ASE completion, but can’t seem to find where I wrote down the strategy. There isn’t much in the ways of strategy admittedly, pray for instakills. Lady Morana, Lady Morana, Lady Morana, Grave Seer. Back then there was a limited choice of banners (I think I did +2 Blue Banner), but now its possible to choose Saurus Banner or Sunken Banner. Grave Seer was for the middle room, so you didn’t run out of purple gems for Lady Morana’s IK.

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I might look to start compiling those tips above into little guides, like:


  • Run the following team.
    • Lady Morana
    • Lady Morana
    • Lady Morana
    • Grave Seer
  • Your goal with this team is to utilize Lady Morana’s ability to deal lethal damage to enemies. This has a (10% + 2% x Purple Gem Count) chance to occur, so this kingdom is heavily luck-based, but if you can get a lucky roll it’ll be a breeze.
  • Utilize your Grave Seer to fill the board with Purple gems (for the boost ratio) and for board control (i.e. preventing enemy Purple matches due to their Grave Seer).
  • Keep Grave Seer in the back to avoid blocking Red mana.
  • Look to maximize boosts. Increase your Hoard level as reasonable, spend Blue Deeds on Sword’s Edge to improve the team bonus and Hoard bonus, work on Kingdom Power to improve stats overall.
  • A big change that came to this team is the addition of Medals. I recommend 1 Medal of Anu (for the additional Mana) with the other two medals being either something to improve defense (Yasmine is better than Gaard here because Spectral Knight deals so much true damage) or Cedric to help deal with Nightshade.
  • The biggest improvement that I don’t think anyone has mentioned yet: Elite Levels are incredibly important here, more than almost anywhere else. If you can farm for medals and level up Lady Morana, you gain 1/2/4 Armor and 3/6/8 Life, for a total of 7 Armor and 17 Life. Not only is this a massive boost in toughness to help deal with enemy damage, it also helps with…
  • Grave Seer targeting! This is one of the weird intricacies of this faction. If Grave Seer is levelled and Lady Morana has no Elite Levels, Grave Seer will be the toughest troop and thus casting will enchant itself, which is significantly less useful than if a Morana was enchanted. Underlevelling Grave Seer used to be the only solution, and you were screwed otherwise. Now you can just level Morana (I believe only once is sufficient) to boost Morana’s stats without boosting Grave Seer’s. Just be sure not to add Elite Levels to Grave Seer or you’ll end up in the same bind.
  • Gameplay video from jsg

EDIT: You can find other Delve Super Guides here:

Delve Super Guide Quick Links

Would definitely recommend Yasmine over Gaard here. Normally its interchangeable, but you want the cushion vs Spectral Knight, especially if you’re near the borderline of one shot range.


Good advice, edited my post.

Sure =) Im just trying to help Mono. Hes doing a guide here

So im gathering some tips.

Btw, the real prob. about enchanted troops is the double damage that spectral does. If u have 200 true hoard, u can survive 2 spectral casts (troops without status effect) on last battle

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Please do! :+1:


Good tips but read a little deeper. The best chance to reach max renown in crypt keepers is to ignore 2 of the 4 troops and then cross your fingers toes and everything else in the hope that morana pulls through for you. THAT is not what I would call a strategy, I would call it a wing and a prayer based upon appalling faction troop ability and synergy. Amanthrax is similar probably…2 gob truffles at least perhaps ?

With enough treasure hoard/magic boost, nightshade + spectral knight would be perfectly viable. Not my first pick of strategy though

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4 are better. It’s been done. Krystara is an imperfect world.

Yeah, about that…

You did such a great job, phenomenal really, compiling all the post numbers. I feel like a hack, dealing in gobbledygook, plagiarizing and paraphrasing the hard work of others, coverting and contorting their words to satisfy my needs. My desire to finish that guide lessens daily.

If I am able to add links again, I would like to add some for the ‘worst rooms to fight as Mirrored Halls’, and add an analysis of rooms in general. Some teams wouldn’t be hurt by the Drowned Grotto, tho Gobtruffle would. Others might do well vs Entangled Path, but skull bash teams certainly would not.

@EliteMasterEric provided more depth and insight than I ever intended to do, and if I had seen your post prior to starting Texugo, I doubt I would have. 1453 posts now, it really is quite a lot for one thread.

Good luck and have fun all. For the Horde.

Just beat Silver Necropolis with Hoard 100 no potions first try after medal update. All I can recommend is don’t do it at Hoard 100. Beating on an enemy Bone Golem for 33 skull damage with resummons feels so futile when the enemy casts for 124 armor.

It took me 30 minutes alone to kill off the last room Bone Golem.

1st Room was easy

2nd Room was against Viper Nest. Death Mark made short work of this room, but not before Viper got a cast off on my Bone Golem killing my second slot. Vanya resummoned a second Bone Golem. Eh.

3rd Room started off strong. I managed to contain the enemy Vanya Soulmourn to only cast once despite the enemy Vanya being blessed for a majority of the fight. That’s good since at Hoard 100, I wouldn’t be able to survive a second cast, even with 3 Yasmine/Gaard Medals. Because of that, I went with 3 Nysha medals instead.

At one point, the AI managed to kill my top 2 troops and left my 3rd slot in a skull trade. (2 3 matches on the opposite side of the board, no way to break it up). My 1st Vanya died from that, which probably extended the length of the match by a significant amount. Fast forward a bit:

Final battle between me and 1 Bone Golem

Skull hits did around 33 damage. My Vanya only casts for 57 damage on average. Draugr drains mana and creates purple and Necrocorn creates 10 gems, 50% chance of that being purple when not cast on Draugr. A green storm also showed up every time one of my troops died because of Viper Nest.

I only really did enough damage from chip damage to keep it within 300-500 armor range with my best milestone at around low 200ish. With only one Vanya I tried a few different tactics and found nothing really worked to speed up the battle. Everything I did tend to favor the AI.

At some point it made sense to me to build up a random Bone Golem spawned in 3rd slot. I had a plan to let my top 2 troops die when that Bone Golem finally reached 1000 attack. The AI had other plans. At one point, it managed to grab 2 skulls in a row to kill my top slots while my Vanya wasn’t full. I managed to get a few skull hits in, though took 1 in the process. I forgot that I gained armor from casting my Bone Golem (despite having that drilled in that is the only reason the AI is still alive) and survived the 1 skull hit.

My Vanya Soulmourn filled during the exchange, which I then casted. … Was that a mistake? I don’t know. The enemy could no longer 1 shot my Bone Golem immediately, but I was back to doing chip damage. After exchanging some chip damage and a few enemy casts, my top slot eventually died. A turn later, I was in a position to win.

Another 0 points for me.

The team is still
Bone Golem
Vanya Soulmourn
Vanya Soulmourn
Silver Banner


Would u say this delve is the best one to farm rn?

Its one of the better delves for daily farming for sure due to a higher treasure value. If I had to keep a delve at level 20, I’d probably stay with City of Thieves though, since Silver Necropolis isn’t that hard to complete with the faction team compared to some of the other ones like City of Thieves.

I was messing around with faction teams. Here a example of Amanithrax and Mirrored Halls Pure Faction teams.

Kingdom Lvl 12

Kingdom Lvl 12 (Coral Cave Room)

There’s a few new rooms that I don’t remember seeing.

Legendary: Sunken Treasure

Drowned Sailor
The Maraji Queen

All allied troops gain Skull Death at the start of future battles

… so… an even worse version of Sunken Fleet. Pray for no starting alignments for DS and TMQ… then enjoy the skulls for all future battles. Yikes.

Epic: Rat Pack
Plague Rat
Hex Rat

All future enemies gain 1 Attack and 1 Magic

Doesn’t seem overly threatening unless it gets a random devour. Seems kinda friendly to faction teams.

Ultra Rare: Mushroom Grove
Forest Troll

All future enemies gain Plague Touch

With no actual source of disease, this room is kinda whatever.

The hell? New rooms huh …

Probably fell under “Minor Bug fixes” ¯_(ツ)_/¯ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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A pet rescue showed up without me restarting the game or doing a battle today.
That must of fell into that category as well.
Or maybe there’s a seperate forums for those who work on those parts of the games.
I mean who doesn’t love RNG based announcements to changes made weekly?

Any of the new rooms drop wind traitstones? Would be nice of them to finally round out the entire set of colors.

nah. maybe one day…