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Delves in the Sky

Sky Delves!

We have kingdoms, we have underwolrd delves…
I’m curious to know if we will ever get delves next.

This will add a new expansion area of kingdoms to upgrade of course like the other 2 areas.
More cards, more weapons, more class’s, more content & choices! :slight_smile:

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The devs have hinted at an upper world in the past. My wild guess is that it will come with version 5.0, the rework of PVP, and some other major new mode.

“Shelves.” :copyright: Me :laughing:


it’d be the perfect way to introduce zodiac or constellation themed troops

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Oh that’s a great idea! Zodiac for or more mythology god’s.
Maybe we’ll get more apoc type cards also.

Either way, im excited and this is a great idea to add new content w/o having to reinvent the wheel.

lol, S-helves

I guess they didn’t add a Zodiac or Sky delves in 5.0, maybe when the underground delves are finished.

Probably it will be in 6.0 or 7.0. Another plane for towns.

Underground factions going by current schedule will last well into the later half of 2021.

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Game needs 34 ToD like structures. that are individual - where you are limited to the troops within each of the kingdoms and they scale up infinitely. You get XX number of tokens each day to scale it.

Seems super easy to code and implement.


11 more factions, every five weeks…Grosh-Nak affiliated faction should arrive third weekend of September 2021. Spoiler Alert: 505 hates Orcs almost as much as Gnolls. It’d be cool if the Orc faction was an underground breed of over-powered gnolls threatening to align themselves with Gar’Nok to overrun Krystara and, possibly, Australia…oh, the troubles we could get into.

over-powered gnolls

Well, the smell will be overpowering. We all know this!

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