Delve Level 40 All-around Eye

Whilst waiting for the loading screen to close going in to level 40 of The Delve a troop card came up. Went in to the fight and the troop card didn’t disappear off the screen. This meant I had to retreat from the fight and I lost my Delve token. I have missed out on at least 4 treasure and chests and lots of rewards. Sent an email to support but they just sent me here!

I didn’t think to take a picture :disappointed:

Hi @MadKaty88 :slight_smile: The email would have explained why your ticket was closed.

  • What do you mean by the troop card didn’t disappear? - As in the Troop from the loading screen, or one from the team select?
  • Which Troop?
  • Was this at the start of the battle or during the match?

It was the troop from the loading screen, it was shards and it was in the match, right in the middle of my board so I couldn’t see about 8 gems in the middle.

Kathryn Sanderson

Oh and the ticket was closed because apparently it’s a big so not supports problem?

Kathryn Sanderson

Bug not big sorry

Kathryn Sanderson