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Delve adventure

I had a trip to the delves today. I think it is full of grey rocks because the sun never shines into the depths of the underworld.

I always wondered how light appears there, in the Underworld, because on some pictures you can see sunshine or maybe moonshine (Werewoods, Dripping Caverns, Crypt Keepers, Fell Roost, Frostfire Keep, Mirrored Halls, The Deep Hive, Wild Court, The Labyrinth), Stonesong Eyrie background pic just shows us the Moon (or how is it called in the Underworld?). Really curious.

Only a faint light can get through the menacing mist and it calls Lought. Sometimes the moon is peeking out of the heroes’ back. The folks in the Underworld call it Moun. :blush:

Pity, that the underworlds are so short.

I wonder what is UNDER the Underworld…. :blush: It would be good to find a third world there.

Maybe the Under-Underworld?