DELETED TOPIC- No One joined it so I quit it(now I'm in Purrgatory)

Welcome to MWPU aka Military Working Paws United!
We are a Strategic Guild focusing on Guild Events and Guild wars as well as world events such as Faction Assault. We aren’t Open yet not until Monday.
We Have 2 Mottos!
1st Motto is: If we should meet again on another street, I will gladly take up your fight. I am a Police Working Dog and together, We are Guardians of the Night

2nd motto: Oh almighty God, Whose great power and eternal wisdom embraces the universe, Watch over my handler while I sleep.
Protect my handler From harm while I am unable to do so. I pray, help keep our streets and homes safe while my handler and I rest.
I ask for your loving care because my handler’s duty is dangerous. Grant my handler your unending strength and courage in our daily assignments. I ask for nothing myself.

Our guild requirements will be 200,000 gold, 250 seals and 200 trophies.

We are Now OPEN :partying_face:
Please Leave your Invite code if you wish to join! :guide_dog: