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Delays to the set up of Guild Wars

Due to the recent server issues, there will be a 30 minute to 2 hour delay in setting up Guild Wars. Some features of Guild Wars will be inaccessible for a short time.

The other week Guild Wars started unexpectedly. At the time we stopped the War from running and you may have been able to temporarily set your Sentinels and Defense Teams. If you did manage to set these, they will carry over in less than an hour at reset today. In an effort to reduce any further issues that might occur server-side from our previous fixes, there will be some minor delays to the set up of Guild Wars.

If you have not already set your defenses or bonuses when the issue occurred and guild wars was running, there could be up to 2 a hour delay. The Guild Wars and battles themselves will resume as normal tomorrow.

Thank you for sticking with us! :sun_behind_small_cloud:


Someone left our guild and they were one of two champions. We only have one champion and a full guild. Do I need to submit a ticket for this to be fixed? I am leader of rank 5 Gem Assassins on xbox one. 15244709337451006783673

Hello MrsAffects

It seems likely that the latest member who might have joined your guild won’t be registered for guild wars as they weren’t around when you signed up. Can you please PM me the name of the player who just joined your guild? Hopefully we can set this up before 5 pm !

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If someone leaves the guild after weekly reset but before GW you lose one of the Ranks. It’s been that way for forever. The only rank the CPU will promote players up for is Paragon. Even if that means you don’t have any champions that week.
New members that join after weekly reset but before the start of GW are all put in as Soldiers.
TL:DR…I believe it’s working as intended. Or at least, the way it always has been.

1524549179892922375402 Foxy is the newest recruit.15245492258321208950343 Looks like the situation fixed itself. Thank you.

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i see zuul is in gw defences and working.

very good since it is officially an exploit.

Great, so now I don’t get points for setting a unique defense? I know guild wars has always been broken but this is really taking the biscuit :rage: