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Delays to Support Requests 🐰

We released Update 3.4 and unleashed some Pets - but it also seems that we let loose a few bug pets into the wild! You might see some stuck loading screens, missing Chats in Guild, and Lapinas magically transforming into Dwarves. However, quite a lot of you are asking for help, so we might take awhile to get back to you.

What happens if I find a bug? If you you do, please check if we’ve already found these missing bugs on the Known Issues list. If we haven’t, and you need help with your new unruly pet (maybe it’s causing your game to crash, or stole some rewards? :frowning: :rabbit:) please contact support for help.

But I don’t care about :bug: and my password is lost! You can contact our support team, too, with ‘Account Issue’ selected! We prioritise account recoveries, but for a faster turnarouned you can also contact our publishers at 505 to recover your account. Make sure you include any details about the lost account.

Why am I waiting so long for a response to my ticket??#$%^head-desk%^&%#
Unfortunately this update, as cute as it is (free Shebas, anyone? :rabbit2: ) has also caused a LOT of support tickets for us. Like, more than the last one. And probably many many many more than most of the ones before that. We will do our best to get to you as soon as you can, so your patience is very much appreciated.

Even if you have to wait awhile we’re here to make things right for you in the end, and the dev-team is working on fixes for all the other annoying :bug: that don’t make good pets. We know how to handle these issues, so your bug is not a lost cause!

Can I make the process quicker?
File your ticket under the correct Request Type! Include your invite code, guild, screenshots, details about the issue and when/why it happened, what troubleshooting you have tried, and so forth. It really helps.


I appreciate this. ^^

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If I had a yellow B next to my name…I’d do nothing different because only the best testers (IE: nobody) plays with updates before they come out.

Snark aside though, the devs are cool people from what I’ve seen and read and I come back to this game every time I want to quit it, so get those tickets in and they’ll help you as fast as they can.

Even I am helping out with support this week. :slight_smile:

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Excellent topic! Bunny in the title, bunny in the middle - very clever, now no one cares about the bugs anymore!:rabbit:

I am now an official game term?!:flushed:
(And everyone who hasn’t been on the forum before is now likely confused. :stuck_out_tongue:)


Understandable about the delay but a response to say ticket received would be nice .

I made them an image so that they can fulfill your request. Would you be happy to recieve this confirmation?


Omg so cuuuuute.


We do send a notification every time a player submits a ticket., to your email. The only time one is not given is if you create a follow-up ticket to a previously closed ticket. Can you please quote your ticket number so I can check this.

This was my plan all along! :nerd_face:


Good afternoon,
Support Ticket #60570
Been open 8 days
Do I just keep waiting or is there a way I can check it’s been put into the correct request type?
(Just looking for an update)
Thanks in advance

It looks like Kafka has already gotten back to you :slight_smile:

We are almost through our backlog.