Defining rival needs to be reassessed

Or maybe there is a bug. Anyway I had someone as a ‘rival’ who was some 14,000 pvp rank above me, someone who I had never invaded or done a revenge game. How can that person be a ‘rival’?

I would think to be a valid rival someone would have to be reasonably close to you in pvp rank and someone that you’ve invaded, revenged and has done the same to you.

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My guess would be that the system currently doesn’t require you both to invade each other repeatedly, but just for one side to do so. Not every defense loss results in a revenge opportunity under the new system, so I’d suggest you check your battle log for defense battles, and see if your rivals are showing up there.

I do agree that it would make more sense for a rival to be someone that you’ve both attacked and been attacked by. The goal of the algorithm should be to assign players as rivals at about the point the players themselves begin to recognize the names and consider themselves rivals. Only the devs know the current criteria.

I want to know the exact criteria for getting a rival.

If they’ve successfully invaded me, my invasion show as a revenge and rival, not just rival.

During this weeks PvP marathon a ‘Rival’ appeared this morning who I felt I had not met before. But, on reflection I had played this person about a week ago. I too would like to know what defines a ‘Rival’ just for curiosity sake. In any case I don’t think too much about it. I just click on them, beat them, and eat up the extra Glory. Nom Nom :slight_smile: