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Defense wins or losses should NOT count on your win/loss record

I think it’s pretty crappy that they count against your record…“Most” defense teams are extremely easy to beat…and people exploit it"as we should". but Please remove them from our win/loss record


I’ve been saying this since I figured out there are rewards for beating people who have beaten your defense team.

The current setup encourages competitive players to make the cheesiest, cheapest PvP team that is most likely to win against a player. That tends to mean lots of loops or some other tactic that leads to lots of bitching about the broken meta on the forum.

If those players’ PvP ranking didn’t depend on losses, more might opt to use more “event-friendly” PvP teams so they can get more Revenge/Rival matches.

But currently, they get larger rewards if they keep their defense win rate high, so they have no reason to make event-friendly teams.

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Knowing what the rewards are for placing high in PvP each week, it blows my mind that people are so concerned with defense losses that they put up griefer defense decks.

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I’d wager the defense rewards could be 8,000 diamonds/week and the top 100 or so would STILL run a griefer defense deck because:

  • In the end stages of the game there aren’t interesting rewards to give out, and players fighting for the top 100 likely have everything they want already.
  • “Being in the top 100” to that kind of person is more important than “getting interesting rewards”.
  • Some people just like to be frustrating.

We can’t really do anything about the third type of player. But for the other two, it seems to me some avenues towards having fewer griefer teams in PvP are:

  • Remove the impact of defense losses from ranked PvP and reset the defenders weekly.
  • Introduce a ranked PvP bonus for using PvP defense teams that meet certain criteria.
    • My suggested criteria: “Losses that award at least three event gems to the invader will not impact your ranking.”
  • Anti-griefer mechanics such as troops with traits like, “Gain 1 mana every time an opponent matches 4 or 5 gems.”

There are other ideas, but I like those three because they’re easy to understand. However, I think only the first one is easy in terms of development effort. The middle one takes what I imagine are significant modifications to the code, and the last one carries risk of power creep or breaking the balance in a different way.

But I like the middle one because what I don’t want to see is a PvP where everyone makes a team designed to farm Revenge rewards. I’d like to see people have to put thought into their defense teams but also be rewarded (in ranked play) for making a different team every week.

There’s probably other routes, but I think the key problem is “defense losses hurt ranked players”.

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