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Defense in PvP: no treasure maps and souls?

I remember that 2-3 months ago I received some treasure maps for defending. I had Marid and Tyri in my defense team, so they evidently generated some maps while defending. But recently I had not seen any maps even with Marid/Tyri/Lil’ Johnny Bronze in defense - were maps removed from there?

And I get maximum 4 souls in defense, even when I use TDS, which surely generated some souls while casting its spell. It simply doesn’t work?

To the best of my recollection, it has always been that those bonuses are only received on offense, never on defense. If I am mistaken, I am sure someone will be along to correct me in a moment.

Gold and soul bonuses do not apply in defends to prevent people from simply spamming only soul/gold gaining troops on defend.

As far as the maps, defends give 1 gem every 7x cascade instead. This is left over from ages ago when any 7x cascade would yield a gem. A 7x cascade in a normal battle gives a map now, but defends still do 1 gem when it occurs.


Correct me if i’m wrong Tacet but I thought every 5 cascade in offense gives out a treasure map?

It’s every seven.