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Defense: 3/3 - What does it actually mean?


Okay so in GW we see something like this in Defense tab, but I can’t see anywhere answer what does it mean. I have two ideas:

Defense: 2/6

  1. I have won 2 battles, but 6 are lost.
  2. I have won 2 battles out of 6 (4 are lost)

Which one is true? :stuck_out_tongue: I really would like to know this!

This one is correct. Defense win(s) on the left side, defense loss(es) on the right.


That’s… sad. I prefered the second option xd

hehe, that is understandable. :smiley:

I would prefer no option at all. Looking at my defense stats makes me cry sometimes :joy:


True true xD I cri alot.



You can also check the battle log on PvP to see who your defense team has won and lost to as guild war battles also affect your PvP stats.

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This is a wonderful tip! Thank you! i love to get a sense of the enemy team’s opponent that bested me on any given day.

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How do you know this? No way it could be wins/losses? Most people say wins then losses.