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Dedicated servers for VIP players

I want dedicated servers for VIP players. So when the game gets over loaded and performance is crap, VIP players could connect to less busy not crashing servers.


I realize this post was meant to be controversial, but the idea is obviously terrible on every level. New players are the lifeblood of every online game and anything that would frustrate them is a bad business decision. VIP players have already spent their money, so it would actually be a better idea to just delete their accounts so the new players would have a better experience both connecting to the game, and in-game as well.

Nothing more than priority seating. Not unusual at all for VIP members or ‘club members’ to get priority on dining reservations, golf times, or getting entrance to a club.

But seriously…

I have a decent VIP level, yet I still think that would be a horrible move on the part of the devs. No game should decide whether players have access to the game servers based on VIP level.


Excellent gif.


Last time salty did a joke and asked me to pay for the dev to stay during weekend and watch the server. I am seriously starting to think about it…

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Maybe not servers…But US as V.I.P members get shafted like anyone else with all these nerfs and s%it

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i want a gems retro server :smiley:

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Just to shed a little light on this issue, but the problem we are experiencing isn’t related to the amount of servers we have open. As such, this suggestion won’t help fix the issues. :frowning: