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Dedicated guild required, level 411

I am level 411 and am very active player who usually deliver over 1m worth of gold weekly ( donated over 1.1m already with my current guild as of now, Wednesday). VIP level 7, all kingdoms maxed (4 magic kingdoms at 5 star plus other two at 6).

I can meet most guild’s requirement plus much more (record so far is 1.8m/1500k/1440ish trophies, in a single week of course.

I am looking for a guild that can complete all the six tasks and more. If you need someone like me, please let me know below.

Invite ID is : SCHUDIA


Hello @Schudia!

You might be interested in joining Dragons’ Peak :slight_smile: We’re usually finishing all tasks on Monday and then some Legendary tasks. Also we’re getting 40k sels (lvl 6 guild chests) before Sunday. Our minimums you can check in link below.


Thank you for your reply.

I am highly interested with your guild but there are two things, first your minimum is easy to me but I’m not entirely sure about the timeline. I work at my own pace and due to family commitment, time for donation etc. could vary week to week.

Second, I need to officially inform my current GM about my intension to leave till tomorrow morning, as a curtesy.

What do you think,


I think you won’t have any problems to exceed our minimums. If you are able to farm 1m gold weekly, you can always save 500k to donate it on monday, then just contribute rest of the gold toward tasks (at least this is how I do it every week) :stuck_out_tongue:

And if you worry about seals, you don’t have to, 6 days is really enough time to get 1500 of them :wink: (even if you will be busy with your real life stuff)

Let me know via PM when you will be ready to accept an invite.