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DeckBuilder! (v0.1.2)

Hello everyone!
I am very happy to share with you my fresh deckbuilder!

This is a beta v0.1, so be aware that you may encounter some bugs. See the list of what I bring to you:

  • The Deckbuilder
  • Up to date database (as much as I can)
  • Informations about kindgoms, Types, Combos, etc.
  • An account to save your decks and share with peoples
  • Share your invitation Code & Guide (Very Soon available)

How the deckbuilder is working:

You can filter by:

  • Kingdom
  • Type
  • Trait
  • Skill target
  • Skill effect
  • Colour
  • Rarity
  • Extra Turn

It will show advantages of your deck. Try and let me know what do you think about it / if you find bug or missing information :slight_smile:



Every time I read these words, I can’t help but hear @Tacet’s voice saying them. I wonder why.


Very cool!

Nice stuff you got there.

Ahah, now I read myself with the same voice x)


Very nice. A small thing that I noticed was that the ‘Leader’ trait is listed as giving +2 to all skills when in the first position. However, the correct description should be +3. But, again, great job with the site. I’m sure it will be helpful to many theory-crafters.

Looks great. I’ll make sure to test it out. I also have a request. You have the ability to sort by specific color for troops but I would also love the ability to filter out specific colored troops as well.

Very nice site.

I will make the change! Thank you!

Do you mean order by rarity? If so, I will prepare it :blush:

Also thank for everyone, I am really happy that you take time to check my work!

keywords are not working (or i use them wrong)

whatever i enter to search for - nothing happens

edit: banner selection would be nice idea - a banner belongs to every team^^

Keywords were not available, they are now! (sorry for that) Banner is a good idea, I will work on that soon :slight_smile:


  • Keywords are now working, searching name and description (more section coming)
  • Trait Leader has been changed (+2 => +3)
  • Display a notice to non member people explaining that they can make an account in order to manage their decks
  • If a non member create a deck, gives a temporary title and user name to the deck
  • Changed behavior of the information box. It was showing for a short time the previous contents.

Work in progress (Available from the next update)

  • Change layout of team in the deck builder and Decks list
  • Banners section, probably linked to Kingdoms (indeed)

And again, a big thanks to everyone!


A thought for people from Nice (France), my hometown… Hard time today.

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Update v0.1.2

My Deck Layout in the Deckbuilder has been updated:

  • Same look as the game
  • Added colour and name
  • Changed Icon

Decks (from database) will get the same layout from the next update.

Other changes:

  • Added missing Troop and updated new/double type. It is not displayed yet but search is working for double type too.
  • Keywords are now working
  • Corrected a bug making Search by Rarity acting super weird

About banners, it is in the database but not available yet. Please be patient !

Thank you !

Hi guys !
Still keeping the database up to date as much as I can. Don’t worry about missing information, I will add it right after I got it :slight_smile:

Leonis Empire and event troop added. Troops from the new kingdom are not available yet since I do not have information concerning Spell and other. If you guys wanna help me, please let me know :smile: