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Debating what to spend diamonds on

As I’m working my way towards 4K again, I’ve been debating on which mythic to craft and I’m torn between Champion of Anu, Jotnar Stormshield and Scorpius. As I’m debating this, I remember something, all three of them can drop from chests. Sure the chances are slim but considering how many posts I see of someone crafting a mythic (Like Infernus) only for him to drop not even a week later is astounding. That is what makes me hesitate to crafting a mythic that wasn’t Xathenos.

I’m debating on crafting the imps due to the fact you can only get 1 available every 2 months and even then, it’s a 1 in however many legendaries there are in the pool. I just don’t know though. Any advice?

Don’t craft the imps. You’ll never use them and each one costs you 20% of those diamonds you are saving for mythics.

Scorpius is suddenly pretty viable with his one-shot restriction gone. If you have Euryali, he would be my top pick of your three. Champ would be second for his great trait and usefulness in Guild War. I’d consider Jotnar a distant third, viable in only a few niche situations.

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Given those choices I’d get Champion of Anu. It’s a fixture on GW Blue day. I haven’t ever used Scorpius for anything, but XLS78 has me thinking maybe I should give it another look.

Jotnar has suddenly slipped because a recent raid/invasion used him. I don’t see him much in GW or in PvP teams, so that’s 50% of his use case gone.

Your odds of them dropping from chests are extremely slim. You can look ahead in spoilers, determine if one will be in event chests, and shoot for that, but your odds of “not seeing a mythic from chests before I get 4k diamonds again” are pretty high unless you open every single key you get the moment you get it.

Personally I like scorpious. Paired with eyrali it’s really nice

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Considering I’ve already gotten duplicates of Ubastet, Weaver and Megavore, the fact of getting a double of a mythic, especially if I crafted one, seems likely. Weaver was unfortunate during the exclusive week (2 copies…) and the second Megavore was after his exclusive week which sucked…

So if I crafted Champion of Anu (I don’t own Euryali) only for him to drop a week later, I would really be ticked off.

Scorpius is by far the best of the 3 IMHO. Even better now he’s no longer a 1-shot…

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slightly off topic

Similar buff to Roc now please devs… :rofl:

I’d go for Scorpius, combine it with eg Magnus or Wyvern and, especially now with the buff removing the one-shot limitation, it’s really good :+1:

Scorpius is great for delves if you have euryali. Champion is a close 2nd but still 2nd.