Deathmark Gem size

Please can we get the size of the Heroic Deathmark Gem (scythes) reduced so that it fits within the boundary of a grid space, and also ensure that all Heroic Gems conform to this size?


Yes, please fix it.


LOL My thoughts exactly. It looks sooooo out of place. LOL

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Yes please. It’s so distracting.

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After staring at these for a few hours in the Epic Trials, I think I have 2 problems with them. 1) The size as mentioned already. 2) The design leaves significant empty space in the middle of the square. All other gems take up the majority of their squares, so it makes Death Mark Gems really stand out.

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Their designer quit midway through the job - that’s exactly how a half way done job looks like
Did you also see the new design in the campaign tasks? Winner of best design ever!!!

It’s not just the fit; it’s that – on Steam at least – the overlap with the gem above it keeps phasing between deathmark-gem-in-front / deathmark-gem-behind. It is, as noted, quite distracting; this can’t be intentional, surely?