Deathknight build

What’s the best Talents and Team for Deathknight?



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Deathknight is better than most give it credit for.

It has acess to Lightning Strike, Banishment and Chill of Death which can be used with a looping team to create 100% freeze on next opponent if you are using aoe damage. Things like using Gobtruffle or Beetrix to kill, get 100% freeze on another troop and go again work nice with CoD. So you can kill 1 troop, freeze another, go again, kill, freeze another etc. It’s one of the few times that you can actually use Icy Veil - Blue Storm, without interfering with anything dramatic at 20 Talent.

It lacks it’s own 50% start, but you can use the Ghost Queen for that, but that’s actually a slight problem because it’s 2 slots filled to accelerate start. Deathknight does however have warded at least, so it’s DM resistant.

I use Deathknight more than Frostmage with loopers tbh, for the 100% freeze (except impervious/insulated) and starting blue storm. Marilith/Venoxia/Queen B/ Hero ->Crescendo/ Rope Dart/L&D all do okay, even in PvP, Blue storm on, Trident banner. Can also use the Brown storm if using more brown troops.