Deathknight armor or Path to glory II?


I found a $50 steam gift certificate and i can’t really decide if i should get the deathknight armor or go for the Path of glory II… On the one hand i’m level 1135 and using celestial armor, so i don’t know how much faster i’ll gain gold/experience. On the other hand i don’t really mind grinding traitstones, but the free mythic is really tempting (…takes 30 days to get though, but i’ve only got 3 mythics so far)… Aaaaand the armor comes with a bunch of keys…

What would you pick?


Deathknight armor, easily. Being able to farm anything with full gains on Gold/XP/Souls is nice. Gold can get you many more things in this game.

Path to Glory II, you might not get a mythic you want or even worse (usually), a repeat.


i would take the armor without any hesitation

you get traitstones from just collecting tirbute (and trading tribute glory into new troop bundles that have arcanes) and the mythic is random

armor pays off long shot


Armor it is then! Plus i might get lucky with the keys (and there i jinxed it). Thanks for your input!


Thats good that u came here asking for this! I do easily pick the Deathknight armor and with it comes a dozens of other resources as well.


DK armour is all you need, It will massivly help you in the game, best purchase I have made in GOW


Definitely the armour if you’re only using celestial. You’re missing on so much gold! Let us know what you pull with the keys attached to your deathknight purchase.


At your level…Death Knight armor is no longer worth the money for it.
You should get dragon armor with 500 gems instead.
So my advice would be to buy that amount in gems unless you can get them easily or have them already.
Otherwise use that $50 and invest in the Daily Reward from Dungeons instead. That way you can craft exactly the Mythic you want. Otherwise you could be very disappointed at the end of the 30 days with a random mythic.


I would have to disagree. The Death Knight armor is well worth it consider you get 100% bonus us from xp, gold, and souls.

Dawnbringer alone takes 1 million souls to craft.


Even at level 1135?


I went for Deathknight armor and i’m happy with it. The XP and gold boosts really help. I’ve saved up traitstones for famine/pharos-ra, and i will be able to afford to craft a mythic sometime next week, so i think i made the right choice :slight_smile:
The keys i got with the armor gave me nothing but crap, but i guess thats what i get for pulling a stormhammer from a 20 glory key pull earlier this week :stuck_out_tongue:


I got the deathknight pack and did not regret it one bit. Coincidentally enough, I also got my first death in the 20 gems keys with it. It is worth it, as it is quite useful and there is a few resources to gamble with as well.


He still has 8,865 levels to go!


Breath of the Wild Explorer Edition or Skyrim

In both you can explore while pretending to be a bard. For some reason that doesn’t always work in GoW.