Deathknight and Mini-VIP Packs

So I just bought the Deathknight Pack on my iPad and if I play on either my Android or iOS devices, I can equip and use the Deathknight Armor just fine. However when I play on Steam, there’s no Deathknight Armor, however I do now have an Ebon Armour that showed up out of nowhere, never even see it in shop before. Was wondering if anybody has had this problem and have a solution for it? I’ve already sent in a support ticket. FIXED. Great support.

My next issue is with the $4.99 Mini-VIP Packs and how much VIP points they provide. When I’m playing on Steam it shows that it’ll provide +75 VIP points, which is a very nice amount for $5. However when I was about to purchase them on my iPad, I noticed that it only has +25 VIP points instead of the +75 VIP points it shows on Steam. I would prefer to the make the purchase on my iPad because I have giftcards for it, however if it only provides +25 VIP points then I’ll have to pass on it.

+75 as shown on Steam
+25 as shown on iOS/Android


Create a ticket! :wink:

Already did for the Deathknight Pack issue, was just seeing if anybody has run into the same situation. Also very curious about the Mini-VIP pack, figured I wouldn’t waste their time on that and see if any other players have experience buying it on iOS or Android.

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Sorry I should had read your whole post, before commenting.

For what it’s worth, on console the mini VIP packs awarded 75 points as well.

yeah the vip pts for mini paks on console are much better than the ones on Android