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Death troop and Death Mark

In russia, monkey spank you.

Yep rng always favours AI and leeches when opening keys :wink:

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Well, considering it has a 10% mortality rate per troop on turn 1, a single cast of Death will kill one or more troops just after casting at a rate of 34.39%, with no possibility to cleanse it. A troop suffering from Death Mark will die about 25.81% of the time, assuming it is not cleansed or refreshed and the match continues for 10 more turns. I’m not sure how you define “too often,” but that sounds high enough that I wouldn’t want Death Mark to be further buffed – and I can see why it seems to “always” work for the AI.

Last stat is a little misleading. Whats the probability of a troop having death mark for 10+ more turns…

That number includes cases where Death Mark falls off earlier than 10 turns, and assumes no reapplication in that case.

The formula is:
1.0 - ((0.0 * 1.0) + (1.0 * 0.9)((0.2 * 1.0) + (0.8 * 0.9)((0.3 * 1.0) + (0.7 * 0.9)((0.4 * 1.0) + (0.6 * 0.9)((0.5 * 1.0) + (0.5 * 0.9)((0.6 * 1.0) + (0.4 * 0.9)((0.7 * 1.0) + (0.3 * 0.9)((0.8 * 1.0) + (0.2 * 0.9)((0.9 * 1.0) + (0.1 * 0.9)(1.0))))))))))

Thats grand but the probability of it lasting 10 turns is non existent.

It would be daft if cleanse doesnt get a chance on turn 1 but that does appear to be the case.

The solution? If you’re fighting against a Creeping Death hero or Death you really can’t afford to let said troop cast since it’ll be a disaster for you.

Too bad it’s not a disaster for the AI teams when I cast my Danse Macabre spell, ha ha. Basically, don’t rely on it when you’re using it, but when you’re fighting against it be careful and don’t let said troops cast.

That formula is the total cumulative mortality rate after ten turns, at which point the debuffs will naturally wear off. It includes wearing off on turn 3, and deaths on turn 2, etc.

Basically, it’s the chance you’ll lose a newly Death Marked troop given no spell-based cleanses and at least ten turns of remaining play.

in my opinion, status effects are a bit OP. Because they use only a single “cleanse” check each turn.

So my deathmark team throws around deathmarks - but ALSO puts other status effects up often. Because each time you add a new status effect, the cleanse chance drops back down to 0%! If you can keep adding a status effect every turn or two, your deathmarks become VERY good at killing.


Adding 1 or 2 of the ‘add status effect for matching 4 gems’ troops seems like a nice way of supplementing deathmark.

Do you recall if the status effects are checked to apply first and then checked if they should clear? Or simultaneous?

This is good to know. :smirk:

Most status effects don’t do anything at the start of a turn, so it’s really only burning & deathmark that care.
Burning, I know from experience (not code) will NOT burn you on the turn it clears.
So I suspect that deathmark also applies AFTER the clear chance, not before. But that’s just speculation.

Burning is guaranteed though; so there is no check but to clear.

I would have liked if it checked to apply, then checked to clear, if both occur then restart.

Just saying, if the status effect hasnt worn off by turn 10 you need some new lucky charms

Death mark has a 1% chance of triggering, not 10%. At least in my experience. That would explain a lot, and it’s a simple mistake to make…

This seems right, I even did 20-30 explore runs on Warlord 4 (just so they survived longer) to test it. I would apply Death Mark to the entire team, over and over it cleanses from THE ENTIRE TEAM. If working as intended, there should be an extremely small chance of that. It does occasionally kill one, but I only counted three over 20-30 matches, and I was intentionally prolonging matches, not even taking skulls, etc. Please look into this, it is definitely not working right.

So if the Death mark is placed on a target - does it immediately start the counter then so there is a 10% it will immediately activate and kill the target?

Right now I’ve hit it three times with undead teams (of course I am doing Frag the Hag) and all three times as soon as it was placed it activated at the end of the team’s turn and the start of mine (Specifically by Revenant) it would kill target

That seems a bit harsh if the only way you can prevent is is having everyone on the team with can’t be affected by death mark since there clearly is no way to take it off since I hadn’t even gotten to my turn.

Btw, I normally avoid Death Mark - so I can’t say that this is new to 2.2 but I do know that I am hitting it all three times used it fired off at the end of their turn that it was cast.

IMO, Death Mark should work like Hunter’s Mark or other status effects and give a bonus while it’s on.

These instant-death mechanics need to be removed from the game altogether, again IMO.

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This… please remove deathmark and change devour to just take away 50% of the targets stats and apply them to the caster.

They most definitely should not remove death mark. I would agree the game doesn’t need any new instant death mechanics though.