Death of enemy troop trumps Sunbirds Respawn

Cast Sunbird using this build

Killed all 4 AI troops
Had my Sunbird replaced with a Bladewing after.
Match ended before I could grab a SS.

I’ve always had an issue with troops having rez priority over Sunbird but this is ridiculous. If this is working as intended then basically all traits and talent trees have priority over Sunbirds cast. :thinking:

Smile and remember the wisdom of Sheryl Crow: If it makes you Harpy, it can’t be that bad.


Sadly, it’s not a bug. I asked about this before, and yes, it’s annoying when Bandits or other spawns are actually replacing a unit that should not be replaced, like Hero traits, etc.

When it comes to hero talents… I’m okay with it… Because I can turn those talents off. But in this case where I’m forced to use Suncrest troops… And having a faction built around respawns. It seems like derelict design on the devs end.

Sadly, people complained about this before hero talents existed and the dev response was “working as designed”.

“Working as is least difficult to program, without being too game-breaking”, iirc :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

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When summoning something it should be spells then traits then talents or resolve spells, traits and talents of troops in order. Sunbird casts and kills itself then activate Sunbirds summon and then move on to Harpy Mage and if the trait activates it can summon in to an empty spot but if there isn’t it can be ignored and move on to Bladewing.

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The devs have no easy way to control in what order what resolves. How it happens to work is almost always ‘intended’. On the rare chance they have to adjust something, it’s a messy one time hack.
Webspinner hitting for triple damage on first hit is also ‘intended’ because it’s too much trouble to fix.

The order is sort of easy to intuit. It’s not a lot unlike Magic’s stack, other than it doesn’t really have rules defining it.

When a thing happens, the trait triggered by it starts executing. That interrupts whatever is happening and the game keeps going. Eventually things that trigger traits stop happening, and the stack “unwinds” and all that’s left happens in reverse order.

So we end up with:

  • Sunbird: “I’m going to kill myself.”
  • Sunbird: “Wow, really? You guys are terrible friends. OK, that does this damage and…”
    • Enemy: dies
      • Harpy Mage: “WHOA I CAN DO A THING” summons Bladewing
  • Sunbird: “… OK. Now I’m going to resurrect myself and… Oh no! My player’s dumb enough to have let my slot be filled. Forget you guys.”

We could also end up with:

  • Sunbird: “I’m going to kill myself, deal this damage, then resurrect myself.”
  • Enemy: dies
  • Harpy Mage: “WHOA I CAN DO A THING!” summons Bladewing but fails
  • AWR: “Bug Report: Sunbird resurrection blocks Bladewing summon”

Either way a mess of triggers aren’t going to be able to resolve at the time you want in all scenarios.


For the record, if the spell order were changed, the problem would vanish. Right now it goes “die, damage, resurrect”. “Die, resurrect, damage” would achieve the desired outcome of Sunbird always coming back.